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Silenced VoicesSM

In January 2002, POMC launched a new program Silenced VoicesSM, which advocates the vigorous investigation and prosecution of those responsible for the murder of abused children. Too often, these cases are not brought to justice. Silenced Voices speaks for these children; children who, from fear or sometimes from love, endured abuse for weeks, months, or even years prior to their death. POMC is asking our members to join us in the fight to ensure that justice is served. (See below for the very first protest letter).

The case of Brandi Conley

Nearly six years after the unsolved beating death of Brandi Marie Conley, her father has been charged with endangering the girl before her death at the age of four. Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc® has provided the investigators with medical and forensic experts who have examined the evidence in the girl's death.

In July 2003, Donna Conley was found guilty as charged through the effort of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc. She was sentenced to 9 years for involuntary manslaughter and 4 years for child endangerment - both charges to run consecutively for a total of 13 years.