Tim Moreau

Tim, 21 years old, was living in Portland, OR, while on an approved leave from Reed College. He was working in the music industry at a local concert hall when he disappeared on January 23, 1990. Over eight years later his family learned what happened to him. His body has never been found.

He was murdered by his former boss and another employee, who strangled him with a garrote made out of microphone wire and pieces of a broom handle. The garrote broke and though Tim appeared to be unconscious, the killers wrapped his face and head in duct tape to be sure he was dead. They put his body in garbage bags in the trunk of a car and buried him in a rural, forested area of Washington State in a chest-deep grave they had dug 2 days earlier. They planted his car at the airport to make it appear Tim had fled.

The apparent motive was greed. Tim had told his boss he was going to report illegal activity at the concert hall to the police. The boss and other employees were counterfeiting tickets to acts at the hall and selling these tickets at a restaurant managed by the boss's girlfriend. Thus, the boss was bypassing Ticketmaster, music promoters, the entertainers themselves, and pocketing the extra money himself.

Tim's parents Mike and Penny and his only sibling Charles worked tirelessly over many years to find out what happened to Tim. Seventeen trips were made from their home in New Orleans, LA to Portland, OR to cooperate with the authorities, to engage media attention, and to, ultimately, receive some justice. One killer served 8 years of a 10 year sentence. Tim's former boss received a 12 year sentence.

We will always remember Tim. He was over 6 feet tall and had bright red hair. He had an infectious smile and was full of enthusiasm for life. He was extremely smart and may have eventually become a professor at a university. He attained the rank of Eagle Scout and loved hiking and exploring nature. Though his remains have never been found, we find some consolation knowing his final resting place is somewhere in the beautiful forested mountains of the Northwest.

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