Antonio Manuel Jaurez

Our son Martin Tamplin was murdered November 2, 1994 and buried in a shallow grave along side the old highway 80 near Kitchen Creek outside of Pine Valley. He was shot 7 times in the back and thrown away like trash. All this was a jealous act, this was over a girl. The killer, David Hicks was jealous of my son. He was arrested on that day and released a year later. Our family spent the next 10 years getting him locked up for good. It has been a very painful 12 years to say the least. It is bad enough dealing with a murder and then to deal with law enforcement.

I could write a book about what has taken place; each story is unique for all of us. I do know I made a difference in the law and that has made me feel better about the whole thing.

It has been difficult for my granddaughter as she had this trauma in her life going on and
on and on. We just pray she can have some sort of normal life and someday find
happiness. God only knows she deserves it. She is 21 now and needs to get on with her

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