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Lisa Marie Shivak

Lisa was a petite young woman with long brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. In Junior High she was a Girl Scout, an Honor Student, a cheerleader, outstanding in gymnastics and elected Class President in the eighth grade. In High School she was a cheerleader and excelled in gymnastics. Lisa had a genuine enthusiasm for life. I think of the time when Mr. Henry, the Vice Principal of Santana High school at the time had called and said “ Mrs. Shivak, Lisa just flashed by my window.” Lisa had just finished gymnastics class and was wearing her flesh tone colored leotard and thought this would give Mr. Henry a laugh. Which it did and we both laughed. Her spirit was jovial and she had a marvelous sense of humor in which people in her life enjoyed and will remember.

More then anything else, Lisa wanted to be a mother. She would have been a great one. Lisa wanted so much to have children. When she was about twelve years old, the neighborhood children would gather in our front lawn and Lisa would teach them the basics in gymnastics. During the holidays such as Halloween she would help them with their costumes and take them trick or treating. Around Christmas time the children and Lisa would go out caroling and then gather at the house where Lisa would fix hot chocolate and serve cookies.

Several years after high school Lisa married. After two years the marriage was dissolved. Saddened that the marriage did not work and that she did not have any children, Lisa was broken hearted. The next few years she spent her time working at odd jobs.

Lisa was a very loving, trusting and caring person. Her life was abruptly shortened at the age of 27, a tragic loss to us all. We her family miss her ever so much.

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