Justin William Richardson


Justin William Richardson-Umphress died on June 19, 2004. He is resting in peace in Glen Abbey Memorial Park in Bonita, CA.
Justin was born in San Diego, Ca. at the old Balboa Navy hospital in 1983. He attended preschool at The Little Acorn Preschool in Philadelphia. After returning to San Diego he attended K-6th grade at Zamorano School in San Diego. He also attended S.C.P.A. San diego school from 7th to 8th grade here in San Diego and attended 9th grade until he graduated Class of 2002 from Morse High School in San Diego. In 2003/2004 Justin attended Southwestern College studying to become a firefighter he also had thought that maybe he would join the Military. In 1992 to 1996 he studied Hawaiian Kempo Karate under Instructor and Minister Gene Johnson of San Diego. He played baseball at Twin Hills in Paradise Hills from 1991 to 1995 and football in 1996. Justin's favorite pastime was playing StarCraft on the computers where he ranked 25th in the country for two or so years. He also loved Lowriders and worked on many lowrider cars with a well-known and respected car club here in San Diego.
Justin Richardson is survived by his mother Martha (Marti) and his little brother Myles and his dad Dave Umphress who has raised Justin since 1986 when Justin was barely 2 years old. Dave was there every day and night of Justin's life. Justin called Dave "dad". Justin adored and loved his dad Dave very much.They were buddies. Justin gave his dad a pillow two years ago on Father's Day that reads "Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad"!

Justin William Richardson
Justin William Richardson
Justin loved all of the Umphress family in the Mid-West too. Eulogy by Justin's Uncle Abraham Avila: Those who were fortunate enough to meet Justin will all remember his sense of humor, the passion he had for life, and the love he had for his family. He always had a smile, one that would brighten up your day. His jokes would bring laughter and his friendliness would bring you comfort. A young man, full of energy, he was always ready to entertain anyone from his 92 year old great-grandmother to his 2 year old infant cousins. Just last summer Justin was playing with my grandchildren having a water balloon fight with Marcus who is 10 and Gabby who was 6. It didn’t matter to him how old they were. That’s the way he was. Just a happy-go-lucky kid.
If you were sitting alone, he would go and keep you company. If you were bored, he would find something to do. If you were depressed he was going to make you laugh at one of his jokes. If you were sad he would comfort you with his humor. He would even act goofy just to see you smile or hear you laugh. He was a very affectionate young man. He had an enthusiasm for life. He was also a loyal friend and was very devoted to his mother, father, brother and his whole family in general.
Justin was not a shy person. If you were willing to listen, he was willing to talk. He was a very curious person. He was always asking us questions as a child. I remember him always asking me about the old days. One day I told him to ask his Mom. He gave me a look and told me that “I was older than her so I should know better”. That was the virtue of a child. That is the Justin I will remember.
One of the best things going for Justin was that he knew God. Martha and my Mother would take him to church anytime they had a chance to. My Mother would tell him bible stories as she did to all her grandchildren. Justin knew about Jesus and how prayer can change things. The seed was planted in Justin’s heart at an early age by his parents and the rest of the family. He knew right from wrong. He knew God. He was a good kid who was full of love. He respected life. He respected the life of others. The best thing any parent can do for their children is to introduce them to God at a young age and plant the seed. We need more love to overcome all the hate and disregard for human life that many of today’s kids have.
As his uncle, I can only say that this is far too soon for me to be eulogizing Justin. At 20 years old, he was just beginning to live. In his short time on earth he touched us all in a special way. But because of the senseless act of violence by cowards, Justin is no longer with us. At this day and age, anyone can be the target of aggression. It doesn’t matter who you are.
What we need to do is practice more random acts of kindness. To respect life. To be responsible for our own actions. Parents need to be held accountable for the actions of their children. But also, children need to be held responsible for their own actions.
Responsibility is what many seem to avoid. One thing I am proud to say about Justin is that he was a responsible young man. His parents held him accountable for anything he did. As a family, all the Uncles, Aunts and Cousins included, made it clear that we were not going to tolerate any dreadful behavior that would sooner or later come back to trouble the family. We gave him “tough love”. We gave him advice. We pointed him in the right direction. The seed was planted. We were there for him. We listened to him. But, we must not only listen to what our children say, we must also listen to what they don’t say.
In closing I want to say that while I know our family and all of Justin’s friends will hurt just knowing that we will never be able to see him, talk to him or hug him again, when we meet him again, he will be the one who, with open arms, will welcome us to heaven. God bless you all and God bless Justin. Justin, you will FOREVER live in our hearts…..

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