Antonio Manuel JaurezTribute to my Beautiful Granddaughter
Ta'Niyah Shaywaun Carey
(Better know as NiNi)

The Lord knew what I needed when times got hard.

He said let us make Ta'Niyah.
Ta'Niyah was a very happy baby, who was sent here on a mission
To bring joy, and to touch the lives of many
Life is such a precious gift from God, treasure what you have.
My granddaughter (NiNi) was sent to me from all mighty God. He knew just what I needed. She bought me so much joy. She was my tomboy. She could really handle her own. She was very independent, bossy, and smart and pretty, she could dress herself, answer the phone, take the cell phone and walk away.

She said little things that tickled the heart like: NiNi, Poppie, let's pray, love you, Nicole, what's happening, go bye bye, see you later, and. She begins to smile when it was her turn to pray. She would begin to speak in this unknown language that only Jesus understood, after she prayed she would say Aman. Hallelujah, thank you Jesus and would get her praise on. I notice she start waving her hands when she would say Hallelujah.

Nicole wanted to show me that she could raise NiNi her on own, NiNi was her inspiration to let her mommy know that she accomplish anything she puts her mind to.

My play time was paddy cake. Just for an example, she learns how to sing it (because of who you are I give you glory. NiNi liked to hit you and run, she just takes off and made me laugh.
She touches so many lives in the short time that the Lord allowed her to be here. As a grandmother I would let her get away with a whole lot of stuff. Spoiled Rotten she was, she was my shadow. Bedtime she would ask for her bottle only take a sip and say "I don't want it" that happen every night about 5 times.

The bible said, that I could speak those things as be not as though they were. My prayer was for the Lord to use Ta'Niyah as He pleases. So I began to call her my lil Evangelist.

When I received the news that my precious baby went home to be with the Lord, my heart broke into many pieces, but as the Lord began to Minister to my spirit, He said Morlon I so loved her and I came to get her. To be absent from this body is to be present with the Lord. He promised me that weeping may endure for a night that joy would come in the morning.

Your mommy is lost without you. Not one day goes bye without her longing for you.

NiNi we truly miss you, everyday goes bye we miss your smiles, cries, hugs, kisses.
Love Nana, Mommy, Poppie, Uncle Jon, T-Chelle, Drea, Momo, Brother,

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