Jamal  Eugene Gordon-Hill

Dear POMC Families and Friends,

On Friday, December 19, 2008, the jury found Terrance Stamps, 25 guilty of shooting my son, Jamal Eugene Gordon-Hill on January 3, 2008 at the bus stop in the 4000 block of El Cajon Blvd near the 15 Freeway. He was found guilty of first-degree murder, guilty of personal discharge of a firearm, and was given an additional year of jail time due to the fact he was on parole from a prison sentence in 2005 on a previous gun charge. Stamps faces up to 51 years to life in prison when he is sentence on January 30, 2009 in Superior Court.

I want to truly thank God, my family, friends, AND my new POMC friends. Being a part of the POMC monthly meetings and attending the summer conference really helped me get through this entire process. I could not have done it without your support. You gave me helpful tips in dealing with my grief and it assisted me with my steps to survival. You helped me deal with law enforcement, the court proceedings, and those news reporters. You have helped me walk each day with added strength in my attempts to put the pieces of my life back together and cherish the memories of Jamal. I know if Jamal is looking down, he is saying “Thank you for helping my mom.” Again thank you all for being there for me and please let me know if there is anyway I, too can be of any support.

Yours truly,

Reba Gordon Matthews

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