Items For Sale:

Our chapter has many things available in which you can memorialize your
loved one (s) including:

Our Memorial Wall "In Their Loving Memories"-- each nameplate on our beautiful Mahogany Wall with Royal Blue Nameplates costs $10. It has a loved one's name, age and murder date and we display the wall at valley, community and chapter events throughout the year.

Digital Picture Frame-- We have a beautiful Digital Picture Frame Display now, featuring our loved one's pictures. Please send in a photo and if you wish us to make a copy and return your original, please state so. There is no charge for the Digital picture Frame. It too, is displayed at valley, community and chapter events.

Picture Buttons -- We make 3 inch picture buttons of your loved ones. Please include a picture and SASE for returning the picture (face shots best). Each button costs $5.

Battery Operated Silk Rose Lights -- These are used instead of candles at our vigil at the State Capitol each April and our Holiday Memorial Service in December. They can be purchased and brought to the events, or can be purchased ahead of time for $2 each at events or $4 each through the mail to cover shipping and postage. Our rose lights are white when off but turn multi colored when lit. Batteries are included.

Memorial Page in Newsletter info--  $20 or $40 donation and send to (not picdon) 

Memorial Cards -- Our chapter uses Memorial Cards of our loved ones with their pictures and stories when going out into the community to speak. This paints a personal face of the victim and impacts those we are speaking too complimenting our message. If you would like to have your loved one (s) included in our memorial cards there is a permission form (in your new member packet) and or available at the Speaker Meeting to fill out and include a picture. If you wish the picture returned, please include an SASE. For more information about the Memorial Cards, e-mail Beckie@ There is no charge for this as the chapter absorbs the cost since they are for our use to tell your stories.

Holiday Memorial Video Tribute-- Each December we have our annual Holiday Memorial Service "In Their Loving Memories" and during this we have a presentation of our loved one's pictures. If you would like to include your loved one's picture please send to 19620 North 38th Avenue, Glendale AZ 85308-2215 a good quality picture and SASE if you wish it returned. You only have to send it in once to have it on the Slide Show each year.

*Chapter bracelets and window decals-- Chapter Bracelets Red/Black with "Always In Our Hearts" and POMC $3
Chapter Window Decals, white vinyl stick on/ outside of car windows $10

*Act of kindness cards-- business size cards in red and black with our logo and This act of kindness was given in very loving memory of and a line for your loved one's names. You can give them out to those you do favors or acts of kindness for. One good act creates a domino effect in changing the world. Do so in loving memory. 10 for $1 and shipping and handling.

Lending Library-- We have several books on Grief and Trauma for lending out at the Speaker Information meeting.  Just sign the form to check out and bring back when you are finished with the book (s).

For more information please call (602) 254-8818 and leave a detailed message.
To order any of the above items, send checks or money order payable to POMC, Valley of the Sun Chapter to PO Box 39603, Phoenix AZ 85069-9603. You can also pay by credit card but not on line. Just send your info on a form or call the info into the office (602) 254-8818.
Include whether it is Visa, Master Card, Discover Card -- Credit Card Number, 3 digit number on back and Expiration Date along with signature of credit card holder.

Orders can be faxed to (623) 582-0917
*Order forms are available in the newsletter for most of the items.

Newsletter: February2017

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