Please call (602) 254-8818 to make sure meeting locations are still current before attending.

Second Tuesday Meetings
Speaker/Information Meeting

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Mountain View Police Precinct
2075 East Maryland, Phoenix AZ (off Arizona 51 and between Bethany Home Road and Glendale/Lincoln Drive)

Fourth Tuesday Meetings
Support Group Meeting

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Peoria Community Center, 8335 West Jefferson Street
Peoria AZ 85345

Central Phoenix
Mountain View Police Precinct
2075 East Maryland, Phoenix AZ (off Arizona 51 and between Bethany Home Road and Glendale/Lincoln Drive)

New Meetings
*Bilingual Meetings
4th Tuesday at 7:00 pm
Queen of Peace Church
30 West 1st Street, Mesa AZ

Through grief, toward healing, together we will find the way. By helping each other we all find the path toward healing and peace.


What Happens At Meetings:

We welcome you, though we are so sorry for the circumstances that bring you to our meetings. We do not charge dues. Attending meetings is also not necessary to be a member and to receive our newsletter, however, we do encourage your attendance because we know it helps to cope with the onslaught of difficult emotional pain and trauma that murder inflicts.

Everyone offers something to the dynamics of the group meetings. You can be honest with expressing your emotions and will find others who feel the same. Something can be learned with each of our experiences to help you along this journey. The support, friendship, compassion and understanding of others who have been where you are is invaluable in our surviving this horror and reclaiming our lives someday.

Though our lives will never be the same, we can obtain a "new normal." Please know that someday the pain will ease, though it will never be gone. We adjust and we incorporate it into our lives. And, if we are very lucky and work hard at this grief journey, one day we might even find something worthwhile to give meaning to the pain and help others along the way. We can choose to be a victim for the rest of our lives, or choose to survive. In surviving we do not let those who took our loved ones from us take us away from us. They have taken enough.

Please note that sometimes, especially after your first meeting, the feelings of sadness rush in and are often worsened by the empathy you feel for the others in the group. But in a few days you actually notice you feel better for releasing those emotions with others in the meeting who truly do understand. And, if you give it enough time, you will actually look forward to coming to the meetings because that release, and the sharing and comfort offered from others is something necessary and helpful to allow us to live this journey.

The Valley of the Sun Chapter of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc. has four meetings each month. On the fourth Tuesday of the month we have our regular grief support meetings. On the second Tuesday of the month we have a Speaker Information meeting in which we have Judges, Counselors, Detectives, and others pertinent to survivor's needs to address our membership in a two-way dialog of them teaching us about coping and understanding the system and us teaching them what our needs are.

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