Wayne L. Walker
52 Years Old

December 5, 1951 to November 24, 2003

My name is Cassandra Weakley. Three years ago in November my brother was expected to take our mother some food from a carryout store. My mother waited and waited for Wayne to take her the food. One hour turned to two then three hours turned to days of not hearing from my brother. Then on November 24, I received the most dreaded call that we all fear, from my mother, informing me that my dear brother, Wayne, my only sibling, had been found violently murdered in his Washington D.C. apartment, located at 1440 Rock Creek Ford Rd., NW Apt 314, Washington D.C. Wayne was a devoted brother, son, father, and uncle who was snatched right out of our lives. This loss was so devastating that our Mother could not endure the pain of losing one of her children and six months following Wayne’s murder, she just gave up and died. Doctors tried desperately to encourage and convince my mother she could live. However she looked at me and asked me to just let her go, because she couldn’t live through losing another child. She felt that this way she would know that I would be the last to die. This was truly an unselfish display of our mother’s love. It’s even more devastating to know that my brother’s killer not only took his life, but also my mother’s by destroying her will to live. My father died six months prior to Wayne’s murder; therefore I lost my entire nuclear family. And now I am the only one left to carry the burden of finding my brother’s killer, so that no only can justice be served, but a killer is taken off the street, and I can finally find closure.

My broother was so special and full of wonderful energy and love. He had a special way of helping those in need. His friends would always say that if Wayne knew of someone in need, whether it was assistance with a bill or money, Wayne would invite them out for lunch or cocktails to have a good time, but before they left him, he would slip them some money to help them to get them through their crisis. A co-worker at AMTRAK said, “if you saw Wayne ahead of you and you had to pass him, you could already start to laugh because you would know that once you encountered him and by the time you left him that you would either be laughing with him, about him, or at him. Wayne had class and was a gentleman at all times. Wayne was once a contestant on Love Connection and he bought his date a pair of shoes as they began their date because she said that her feet were hurting. He then spent more than the money they allotted him for the date to take her on a helicopter ride to Santa Barber, CA and horseback riding.

He was also a contestant on Family Feud with other family members and brought home the money after six wins. Wayne was a spiritual person; he loved the Lord and had a close relationship with Him. Wayne was known for the way he spoiled our mother by buying her clothes, and taking her on trips and out to nice restaurants along with her friends. My heart aches from losing my family this way every single day. Therefore, I am praying and hoping that someone will come forward if they have any information and tell what they know. At this point, nothing is insignificant. I plead with you: Do not let this killer get away. If you know something, anything at all, please call especially, if you are a friend of Wayne’s because you know he would be there for you, please call (202) 727-6061.

Wayne has a daughter who doesn’t understand why this has happened and is battling a horrific ordeal at this time. She is also in pain and needs to find closure. I was shocked to find out that over six thousand murders are unsolved in D.C. Surely this says something.


Wayne was killed between November 21st to November 24th, 2003. His cell phone number was 202-276-4282. If anyone out there recognizes this number, or has any information that could lead to the arrest of the killer, please contact the Detective handling the case. The case is still under investigation by the members of the Metropolitan Police Department, Major Case Squad. Detective Ralph Durant, 300 Indiana Ave. N.W. Room 3153 can be reached at (202) 727-6061 in regard to this case. You can also contact the Metropolitan Police Department’s Synchronized Operations Command Center at (202) 727-9099. Also anyone with any information that can help me in this case, can reach me at any time on this site. Http://www.myspace.com/waynelwalker. There is a $25,000.00 reward being offered for any information leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible for Wayne's murder.

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Wayne Walker