Trumain Maurice Lee
16 Years Old

March 29, 1988 to December 31, 2004

Trumain was an amazing person, his smile could melt your heart. When he was young he loved to be pulled in his red wagon and could not go one day with out going to the park. He had good grades in school, a little struggle here and there like all kids, but he always gave it his all. At about 7 he started playing baseball and wow what a talented boy. He just had so much potential, the sky was the limit with this one. He was the middle child of six but he never got lost in the crowd. Trumain stood out no matter where or who he was with, you would notice him. He was quiet and laid back but the nicest one in the bunch, so easy to approach. He had a way of making you feel special without even trying.

When junior high came around I thought we would never hear the end of (Pokemon). He had to have all the trading cards. Trumain also liked wrestling, watching it on Monday night was his thing for the longest time. He loved it so much one year for Halloween he was the Rock (Peoples Eyebrow) that was Trumain’s favorite wrestler.

In high school he was still the same beautiful kid but he no longer liked all the little things he did before, the only thing that pretty much stayed the same was his favorite colors (baby blue and white). Now it was all about slow, mellow music and hanging with his big brother. He was really into movies too, I don’t think there was a movie out that he hadn’t seen. It’s funny out of all those movies his favorite was (Heavy Weights), a comedy involving some kids at a fat camp. He just loved that movie, he would laugh and laugh every time he watched it. Trumain was a very thin young man at this time but oh my could he eat. He loved his mom’s cooking, his favorite meal was fried chicken, rice with pork-n-beans and for desert—banana pudding. Every year on his birthday when it was time for him to pick his birthday dinner that’s what we would have.

Trumain will be so missed by all his siblings, (Teresa 30, Tiffanie 27, Tony 23, Alijanae 11, and Toni Keondra 10). Not one day goes by without talking about Trumain. We want him to always be remembered. Tony and Tecompency Lee, the parents of Trumain Maurice Lee are so proud of him today and everyday when he was living. Trumain was loved every second from the day he was born and that love hasn’t stopped now that he’s gone. He will always be our baby boy.


On December 30 of 2004 Trumain went to a party with two neighborhood friends. He had been talking to a new girl (Shannon) on the phone over the past few days and he had taking a liking to her. Shannon and her roommate were the ones throwing the college party and he was so excited about his friends meeting her.

About 2 or so hours after the boys were at the party, Trumain’s friends decided to leave and he wanted to stay. Arrangements were made for another friend to pick Trumain up the following morning at 10 and take him home. Trumain had told his parents he would be spending the night at David’s house, a neighborhood friend.

After the party started to settle down Shannon didn’t want Trumain to stay anymore, she decided she didn’t know him very well and it wouldn’t be a good idea if he stayed. Trumain was stranded with no ride so 2 other boys who lived in the apartments next door offered for him to stay on their couch until the morning. Trumain said fine because he knew one of the boys from school (Mike Boykin).

The 2 boys Mike Boykin and Luis Batiz took Trumain next door to their apartment. At about 4 AM Trumain was stabbed in that apartment 30 times and his body was then thrown in Lake Harney. When Trumain didn’t return home we filed a missing persons report and on January 4th his body was found.

The 2 boys were arrested and Mike Boykin has been convicted of first degree murder. He is now serving a life sentence. As for Luis Batiz, he is in jail now waiting to go to trial. He was also charged with first degree murder and is facing a life sentence.

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Trumain Lee