Tom James Bacon “Tommy”
21 Years Old

August 12, 1980 to January 24, 2002

He was a friend to everyone he met. He was happy, loving, giving, helpful, artistic, and athletic. He made everything he touched better. He loved to water ski. He loved to work on his 1965 Mustang. It had a 6 cylinder engine and he wanted to put a V8 289 cubic inch motor in it. Everyone told him he wouldn’t be able to do that. He did it!

He has a younger brother, Michael, that he loved very much. They always hung out together.

Tommy graduated from high school and wanted to go to a automotive tech school in Arizona. He wanted to go with Michael, so he was working and waiting for Michael to graduate from high school.

He and his brother played baseball for 10 years. Tommy was a catcher, Michael an outfielder. At Tommy’s memorial a young man came up to me and told me when he was in the 6th grade, his family had just moved to San Carlos and he didn’t know anyone. Then he told me that Tommy was the first to play and do things with him. He was a hard worker, he always did what I would ask him to do.

I had the privilege of baptizing him. It seemed like everyone knew him and loved him. He was strong. It seems like this isn’t enough to write about such a fantastic young man. I am very proud of him. He was everything we hoped he would be, and more.


This is very difficult.

He was at a Taqaeria in Redwood City about midnight. He was in a car that belonged to a girl he was with, Katlyn Greene. As I understand it, they were just leaving and someone fired 3 shots at the car and one hit Tommy in the head. He was on life support for 4 days. They told us there was no brain activity and that we needed to let him go. There is no harder decision.

We just had to realize that God gave him to us and it was time to give him back until we could all be together again someday.

We don’t know who did it. The police have an idea but not enough evidence. No arrest—no conviction—no justice.

We think it was the ex-boyfriend of the girl he was with, but the police won’t tell us any information. We only met the girl once. We never heard from her or her parents.

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Tom James Bacon