Timothy Douglas Moreau “Tim”
21 Years Old

May 3, 1968 to January 23, 1990

Tim was born in Baton Rouge, LA on May 3, 1968, our first born son. What a surprise for us brunettes to see our baby’s bright, carrot-colored hair! His beautiful hair remained the same bright reddish-orange color throughout his life.

We moved to New Orleans when Tim was a little over a year old. His younger brother Charles, his only sibling, was born in 1970. Tim attended a Montessori pre-school and public schools from first grade through high school. He was in gifted programs throughout his school years. He graduated in the top 10 % of his class from high school.

Tim enjoyed bowling as a young child. He played violin from 4th through 9th grades. He loved Mardi Gras and convinced us to go to many parades during the Mardi Gras season. He joined the Boy Scouts when he was 8 years old and eventually obtained the rank of Eagle Scout.

He was accepted at all 5 colleges to which he applied. He chose Reed College in Portland, OR because he liked the small, liberal arts school and its setting in the beautiful Northwest. He was majoring in Philosophy and had a 3.696 cumulative grade average when he decided to take an approved leave of absence from the college to work in the music industry in Portland.

At age 21, while working in a concert hall, he was murdered by his boss and a fellow employee.

Tim was very smart and full of enthusiasm for life. We think he would eventually have become a college professor. He is still missed by his parents and his brother. He would have been a special uncle to his niece and nephew.


On January 23, 1990, in Portland, Oregon, Tim disappeared. The authorities and Tim’s family suspected foul play.

In 1998, 8 1/2 years later, George Castagnola confessed to his involvement in Tim’s murder and also implicated the co-conspirator, Larry Hurwitz. Castagnola, a fellow employee, and Hurwitz, Tim’s boss, had strangled Tim with a garrote made out of microphone wire and pieces of a broom handle. The garrote broke and though Tim appeared unconscious, the killers wrapped his head and face in duct tape to be sure he was dead. They put his body in garbage bags in the trunk of a car and buried him in a rural, forested area of Washington State in a chest-deep grave they had dug 2 days earlier. They planted his car at the airport to make it appear Tim had fled.

They killed Tim to prevent him from reporting illegal activity at work. The boss and other employees were counterfeiting tickets to music shows at the concert hall and selling these tickets at a restaurant managed by the boss’s girlfriend. Thus, the boss was bypassing Ticket master, music promoters, the entertainers themselves, and pocketing the extra money himself.

Both killers received plea agreements. Hurwitz also was indicted by the federal government for income tax invasion. George Castagnola served his sentence of 10 years and moved to Honolulu, HI, in 2006 to live with his father. Larry Hurwitz served his sentence of 12 years and in 2008 began living with his adult son in Beloit, WI. Both killers have life-time post prison supervision.

Tim’s remains have never been found.

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Tim Moreau