William (Billy) Joseph Streiter
23 Years Old
Ashley (Ash) Meredith Streiter
20 Years Old

September 3, 1979 to April 5, 2003
August 25, 1982 to April 5, 2003

Our family was admired for being a very close knit family for 23 years. We had a wonderful son and daughter who were extremely close to each other. There wasn’t a day that went by that they did not call each other even when they were away at college to talk an they would end their conversation with “I love you”.

The weekend of April 3, 2003 Ashley came home form Kutztown College in Pennsylvania where she was a junior majoring in Special Education and K-8 Education to attend her Godson’s fifth birthday party. Billy was a law school student at Seton Hall University residing at home after his four year studies away at the University of Rhode Island receiving a degree in Accounting. The evening of April 2nd was a normal evening. Billy was attending a friend’s birthday celebration and Ashley was going out to dinner with her friends. My husband and I said good night to them and hugged and kissed them goodbye as always. The next morning we awoke to a knock on the door by three of our local policemen. I was inviting them in for a cup of coffee never thinking anything would be interrupting our perfect life when one of them asked me to sit down. We were then told that Billy and Ashley were killed by a drunk driver. We insisted Ashley was up in her bed and Billy was in Hoboken.
Billy was not able to get into a friend’s apartment where he decided to stay that evening so he called Ashley and asked her to pick him up. Ashley did not wake us, left the house, and picked up her brother when they were struck by a twenty-five year old drunken driver. The driver was driving without insurance, registration and a revoked license for a prior DUI. The driver was also stopped two hours before one the same NJ Garden State Parkway by the State Troopers and released even with a warrant for his arrest issued. He was never asked for his identification. All this should have been prevented.
Both Billy and Ashley were very happy children always kind and considerate of others. As a matter of fact they were both voted in their middle school yearbooks as “most helpful”. These are the children who had their lives taken away at the mere age of 20 and 23.

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