Steven Anthony Allison
44 Years Old

July 25, 1960 to June 29, 2005

God grant that I may live to fish
until my dying day
come to my last and then
most humbling day
I pray within the lord’s safety
net and I am fast asleep
that in his mercy
I be big enough to keep

To my brother my heart cries silently. I sent you on a journey that day not knowing it would be your final journey. Thank you for doing what you set out to do that day. You showed me great love and respect. I thank you for that. I miss your laugh and smile and compliments.

Love, Wanda Mae Allison, Loving Sister

Steve and I were more than brothers, we were best friends. We liked to watch all the games together and going fishing and sluggin’ down some cold ones. I love him very much and miss him with all my heart.

Love, Thomas James Allison, Loving Brother

My brother Steven was one unique person. He survived a head on collision, nine open heart surgeries. He was always our brother and friend.

Love, Debbie Lynn Allison, Loving Sister


A Simple Man

For thirty-eight years you were my brother
I wish I had taken more time to make you my friend
Instead of judging a simple man
I remember when you would come to my apartment
And I wouldn’t always let you in
In the morning when I would get up and go to work
I would see you sleeping in the hallway
Steve again a simple man
He never cared about money or material things
To me this seemed strange
He chose to sleep outside in the cold
Instead of coming in
Fishing with his brothers and sisters
Shooting pool and drinking beer
With his family and friends this is what he enjoyed up
Until the end
The important things in life to a simple man
I didn't’ know it until it was too late
All his wealth was in his family and friends
Goodbye Steve until we meet again
A son, a brother, a friend
To a simple man

Love, Ronald (Rudy) Allison
Loving Brother

Brother, I think of you every day. I love you and miss you very much. Rest In Peace. Love, Timothy E. Allison, Loving Brother

Uncle Steve, I know you are in a better place with perhaps, an endless keg and sea full of great fish. I can picture you sitting on a rock fishing never missing a bite. Rest In Peace Uncle Steve I love you and miss you. Love, LaReena R. Allison: Loving Niece

Our Mother’s son and our brother was brutally beaten to death on June 29th, 2005 while walking home from telling our sisters that our brother-in-law had passed away four days before. At this point there has been no arrest or information on who is responsible for this horrific crime. We appreciate the honoring of our loved one. Our prayers are with all of you wondering and wanting answers. From all of us to all of you God bless each and every one of you.

Thank you,
The Allison Family and Friends
Spokane, Washington

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