Stephan O’Neil Osborne
28 Years Old

April 20, 1981 to December 13, 2009

Stephan O’Neil Osborne, an only child, was born April 20th, 1981 to Dudley O’Neil Keitts and Florena Elizabeth Osborne at 2:46 pm in Providence Hospital located in Washington, D.C. He departed this life tragically on December 13th, 2009 at approximately 2 am. Stephan was preceded in death by his father, Dudley, on December 19th, 2004 and his stepfather, Warren Byron Carter, on July 7th, 2009. Stephan was a highly motivated, career driven kindred spirit. Stephan loved life and was on the road to living it to its’ fullest as a millionaire. Stephan attended Ketcham Elementary, Winston Middle and Suitland High Schools. After graduating from Suitland, Stephan went on to further his education in Boston, Massachusetts at the Wentworth University. There he obtained his Associates Degree in Architecture while working several odd jobs. He took a break from school and worked as a financial advisor. He ultimately, attended graduate school at the University of Massachusetts. At U-Mass, Stephan pursued a Bachelors Degree in Business Finance. Unfortunately, after falling on hard times, he left Massachusetts. However, determined he continued his educational pursuit at the Prince Georges Community College in Prince Georges County, Maryland. He had a very strong desire to start his own business. Stephan was family oriented and wanted to incorporate his family into his business ventures. He was truly driven and consumed with his project. Stephan loved basketball and played while enrolled in Wentworth. A love he forsook to pursue his dream of starting and owning a business. Stephan, prior to his death, was employed by Aflac as an insurance sales person. He resided with his mother, who adored him and waited patiently for a daughter–in-law and grandchildren. Stephan, like his mother, loved to travel. One of the places he visited was Okinawa, Japan. There he had a great time while visiting a good friend, Kevin Tasker, who was stationed in the military. He vowed to return. Stephan also traveled to California where he intended to settle after finishing school. He traveled to several other places in some cases seeking employment. Stephan attended an opera while residing in Boston and became an avid fan. He had a good taste in fashion though he often wore jeans and a t-shirt. He had an incredible smile that would brighten any room and warm any heart. He was soft spoken and rarely raised his voice. He was bright and articulate and loved to read. He was no angel by any means but, had a heart of gold he sometimes tried to hide. At times he was stubborn and hard headed, but in most cases conceded. He touched everyone he met in a special way. Stephan was from a large family and acted as the glue that held some together. He has been greatly missed by them all and always will. His absence has left a void that can never be filled. His laughter can still be heard, his face still invisioned and his warmth still felt.


On December 12th, 2009, Stephan O’Neil Osborne, left his home in Hyattsville, MD. Stephan and his uncle, (who for personal reasons shall be referred to as KNJ) were venturing out to celebrate KNJ’s December 7th birth date. After celebrating at a bar or two, both Stephan and KNJ returned to his uncle’s home with Stephan operating KNJ’s vehicle. Once home, KNJ decided he was not ready to call it a night and wanted to continue on his drinking binge with Stephan. After Stephan’s refusal, KNJ decided he’d go alone. Stephan tried to reason with KNJ and convince him he was too intoxicated to drive. KNJ disagreed and attempted to enter the car. Stephan prevented KNJ from entering the car and a scuffle ensued. The two were never engaged in a fist fight only a test of physical strength. As Stephan overpowered KNJ to prevent him from leaving, KNJ became angry, verbally abusive and threatening. KNJ subsequently got free of Stephan’s hold and produced a .45 caliber handgun. KNJ fired two shots wildly without taking effect. Stephan attempted to tackle KNJ and take him to the ground. KNJ fired one contact shot into Stephan’s neck. After falling to the ground, KNJ fired additional shots into Stephan’s back, one lodging into his heart. Stephan departed this life in his uncle’s driveway on the rainy morning of December 13th, 2009. Facts surmised based on the evidence and eyewitness accounts given at the scene.

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