Shawn David Allen
32 Years Old

April 24, 1974 to April 21, 2007

Shawn David Allen, born April 24, 1974 to Sandra L. Hutter-Allen and David L. Allen, five years older than his sister Jessica. Shawn played a large part in her growing up by secretly letting us know what she should not be allowed to do. Losing their maternal grandfather on Christmas Eve of 1984, Shawn felt it best if he go through the motions so his sister of five years would still enjoy her Christmas.
Growing up Shawn played many sports, baseball, football, basketball, wrestling and bowling. Along with his sister making the cheerleading squad for his team, his father coaching, we never even missed a practice. It seemed we lived at a field and our kitchen was the concession stands. But oh the memories and how we all loved life. We have made many friends through the children, who are still friends today. Shawn was the type of person if you knew him you loved him. Growing up and not yet ready to retire Shawn still played softball and bowled on our adult league, along with his sister. Shawn was an avid sports fan not only watching the Steelers and Pens but even sticking by the Pirates. And if they were not playing, some other team was.
Shawn was a third generation union carpenter following in the footsteps of his father, David and grandfather, Lloyd. He was a 15 year journeyman and loved his job. He enjoyed taking family and friends to see what he had built when the new store had opened, and didn’t even think of shopping. As he had seen his father before him, he has marked many buildings with his name and date of the job. There is not a place we can go and not see a part of Shawn. He was a big help to his father with projects around the house, a deck, concrete driveway and they finished the basement game room. As friends came to visit he would show them what he did. But his help around the house would also include cooking dinner, cleaning house, and doing laundry to free everyone up for the weekend.
Shawn loved life and lived it large with much laughter. Shawn had many friends in all walks of life and has taught us much. Life as we knew it is gone, we must learn to live again and not just go thru this life just existing. Deeply loved and missed by all until we reunite.


Shawn was in the wrong place at the wrong time, on April 21, 2007. Shawn was with a friend and they had walked to another friend’s house. As Shawn waited outside for his friend to come out so did the murderer, Obataiye Scott who shot them with an AK47. Come to find out Obataiye’s brother Jebreel, had been shot the Tuesday prior in downtown Pittsburgh in front of a daycare center and the guy who shot him had dread locks as did Shawn’s friend. The first shot hit Shawn in the top part of his leg near the groin area. The shooter ran back into the house to get his girlfriend to drive them away according to witnesses who came forward. As he came back out, he seen Shawn and told his girlfriend to get in the car and he pulled out a 9MM hand gun. Shawn tried to get under a parked car as he could not run. He was shot three more times in the back. Within minutes the ambulance was there and the police were in pursuit. Obataiye and his girlfriend Melissa Williams, were finally caught on the same street where we lived when Shawn was born. Obataiye took a plea of life in prison without parole. Melissa was going to testify he had also killed two other people in Pittsburgh on the night before he killed Shawn. As for Melissa, detectives thought maybe she was also a victim, she was charged with eluding police and harboring a fugitive. While waiting to go to her hearing, she was out of jail on bond and had several other charges; driving without insurance, no registration, prostitution, and stabbing another girl. We had the DA drop a charge to add state probation on the end of a short jail sentence of 11 months to two years. She served the 11 months and is out. She was ordered not to have any contact with the families. They are already looking at her being in violation. It’s not over yet for her.

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Shawn David Allen