Ross Michael Jones
22 Years Old

December 29, 1982 to April 2, 2005

Ross Michael Jones was from Elkton Maryland. Ross was the first child of Dan and Lynn Jones.

Ross was naturally athletic. He had a God given gift of painting and drawing that became apparent at the age of 2. Ross and “momma” loved to watch suspense movies and then discuss them. Animals loved Ross, as he did them.

Ross is terribly missed by parents, brother Steven, family and friends.


Ross had been seeing a young woman for approximately a month. Her ex-boyfriend and his brother, and a friend broke into our home and surprised Ross in the kitchen. They beat him, then when he fell to his knees, the brother put a gun to the top of his head and shot him. Then the other two monsters each shot him once in the head. Ross’s lifeless body laid on the kitchen floor for 16 hours until his father returned home from an overnight trip to find him there.

The murderers were sentenced to:

Age 19, plea bargain - 25 years (agreed to testify for state)
Age 18, plea bargain - 50 years
Age 17, plea bargain - 50 years



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Ross Jones