Robert Curley “Bobby”
32 Years Old

May 27, 1959 to September 27, 1991

Robert (also known as Bobby) Curley was a fun, loving, and hard working man who loved life. He had so much to live for! His life was cut short way too soon. His one wish in life was to find the perfect wife and have a family of his own. He loved children so much. Bobby was thrilled when he met and married his wife. She had a daughter from a previous marriage and Bobby simply adored her. He wanted to adopt this child but never had the chance.

Bobby was not a fan of being in school but did decide that he wanted to be an electrician. He worked hard and proved that he could be a good electrician. Bobby enjoyed helping others and did a lot of work for the elderly at no cost to them. It was a service that he wanted to provide to people who may not be able to pay for his professional services but was in need of his help. Bobby was kind and considerate and always thought about others first.

Bobby loved to do many things and fishing was one of them. Many times he would go fishing with his brother and his friends. Annually, they would make a trip to Canada twice a year. They would spend a few days having fun together and catching a few fish. Even locally, Bobby took time to fish. Bobby owned a boat and would take it to a nearby lake. He would spend hours on the boat just enjoying the peacefulness of the lake. He even tried his best to learn how to water ski. Being outdoors is what he loved.
Bobby played baseball in his younger years. As he got older, his love of playing turned into a love of watching the game. Bobby enjoyed country music, especially the fiddle. He always wanted to learn how to play but never had the chance to fulfill that goal.
Bobby had a passion for cars. He owned a Cadillac that was known for being spotless. He also owned a sports car that was a Barracuda. The car was called Cuda for short. Over time, Cuda became the name of his car because that car became a part of the family.
Bobby’s favorite color was green. He was an avid lover of St. Patrick’s Day. He was so proud to be an Irishman. Bobby enjoyed traveling and always wanted to visit Ireland and even Hawaii.
Bobby enjoyed his mother’s cooking most of all. The one meal he loved was old fashion meatloaf with a baked potato and corn. As you can tell, Bobby was a kind, caring, compassionate, friendly, and loving man. He was so much more than this as well. He never had the chance to live his life to the fullest and fulfill all of the dreams he once had as a young man. Bobby was a family man who cared for his family more than anything, especially his mother. He treated her with the utmost love and respect. He was so proud to say that he was her son. He couldn’t wait to have a son or daughter of his own so that she could then be a proud grandmother as well. Unfortunately, that never happened because his life was cut short.
Bobby left behind a mother, sister, and brother who miss him dearly. But he is now with his dad and older brother in heaven. Bobby is gone but certainly not forgotten.


Bob Curley was just 32 years old when he was killed by his wife. She began to poison him just 6 weeks after they were married. She did this over an 11 month period of time and watched him suffer with excruciating pain. She then gave him a massive dose of rat poison while he lay dying in his hospital bed.

Bob went into a coma and was declared brain dead. The doctors confronted his wife and she agreed to take him off life support, so she chose the day and time that he was to die. She waited in the room until he took his last breath and never shed a tear. Bob’s family had no say in this matter since the spouse had all the control and say with the doctors.

Joann Curley got away with this for 5 years until her arrest in 1996. She agreed to plead guilty to 3rd degree murder and she gave details to how, why, when and where she did this horrible act of murder.

She confessed that she was greedy and wanted his insurance money-which she did receive and spent.

She is now serving a 10-20 year sentence from 1996-2016. She has served her minimum sentence so now she applies for parole each year.

Someday she will be a free woman but my family still serves a life sentence.

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