Reginald Lakeith Reese
(AKA Sweet and Low)

19 Years Old

July 26, 1976 to December 6, 1995

Reginald known to his family as “sweet and low” was an only child. He was born on July 26, 1976 at 3:59 pm at Jackson Park Hospital on the south side of Chicago. Reginald loved hamburgers, swimming, music, dancing, talking on the phone and laughing. That was his life and he did it every day of his life. He loved to swim. He was like a fish in the water. His favorite song was “The time of my life” from the move Dirty Dancing. He could dance his butt off and he was very light on his feet. The telephone was just an extension of his hand and ear. He loved to laugh, had the prettiest smile, and he was totally laid back.


Reginald was murdered 12/6/95 in the city of San Pedro at the age of 19, he was not married and had no children. His body was found across the street from Todd Ship yard in a vacant lot with multiple gun shot wounds. Those responsible for his murder have never been caught. I believe those responsible for his murder has killed again in other cities and I have met their parents.

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Reginald Reese