Monica Lee Massaro
38 Years Old

August 11, 1968 to July 29, 2007

Monica was always a bright light to those that knew her: Her smile would light up any room she walked into. She would talk in the most animated way, always displayed vivacious energy and an exhilarating lust for life.

Her biggest joy in life was music and she reveled in going out to see live rock n’ roll. Whenever anyone walked into her home, music could always be heard, usually even before opening the door. Monica’s all time favorite band was Aerosmith. She was active in the band’s fan club, Aero Force One, and was known as “NJ Ragdoll” on the message boards. Monica also adored Kid Rock, Buckcherry and the Foo Fighters. Monica took many photographs of her self described “Rock & Roll Adventures” and aspired to become a photographer—she was always saving money for a better camera. Monica was an avid reader and loved the Harry Potter books. She completed the final book of the series five days before her death. She did not own a television set, as she preferred to listen to music, read, and surf the Internet when she was home.

Monica was a person that truly understood the meaning of life was to live it. She preferred not to be identified by what she did for a living—rather, by who she was. In this vein, she was entrepreneurial, and owned her own residential cleaning and professional organizing service. Being self-employed allowed her to enjoy her lifestyle. Just four days before her untimely passing, she wrote on the Aero Force One message board:

“I really like my lifestyle (being able to run around and go to shows, take off and do stuff...not have to get up to an alarm clock, etc…) so I decided to make my WORK fit my Life and not the other way around. I have very little stress anymore compared to when I was in Corporate America. I’m much happier.”

Monica was very active in her community and volunteered for many of their town’s activities. She enjoyed living in what she described as, “the last bastion of civilization” in Western New Jersey. Her love of music drew to her to travel to see the bands she admired. In her travels, she touched all who met her and made many good friends that love and miss her dearly.

It is ironic that someone that truly loved life and touched so many would be taken from this world in such a brutal and random way.


Monica’s body was discovered by New Jersey State Troopers on July 30, 2007, after they were dispatched to her residence in order to conduct a ‘well-being” check. She had been stabbed to death.

During the initial weeks of the investigation, teams of detectives interviewed numerous friend and acquaintances of Monica. Detectives canvassed her neighborhood several times in an attempt to determine if Monica may have known her killer or if it was a random crime. All available leads were pursued during the initial phase of the investigation.

Nearly a month after Monica was murdered, authorities charged Adam Leroy Lane, a 43-year-old truck driver from Jonesville, N.C. According to authorities, Lane admitted to breaking into Monica’s home, through an unlocked door, stabbing her to death. Lane was arrested in Massachusetts on the same day of Monica’s death during an armed home invasion, police said. He has been charged with first-degree murder, second-degree burglary and third-degree possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose in connection with the stabbing death of Monica.

State and local authorities were led to Lane after a Massachusetts police department found a “distinctive female’s necklace” and a receipt from a travel center, less than a mile from Monica’s home, in the cab of Lane’s tractor-trailer, police said. A surveillance video obtained from the travel center also showed Lane inside the store on the night of July 28, the date Monica was last seen alive.

Lane is being held without bail at a correctional facility in Massachusetts.

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Monica Massaro