Mollieann Michael Martin-Worden
32 Years Old

January 22, 1976 to March 22, 2008

Mollie was a very easy and wonderful child to raise. Growing up she was loving, good and a big help on the ranch. She learned to ride horses at an extremely young age. She loved helping on the ranch moving cattle from pasture to pasture, changing sprinklers and feeding bucket calves. Her first horse was called “Little One,” second horse was called “Babe”. She grew up to be a great cowgirl, she was in 4-H, FFA, Ag. Shop and also in Ballet. She wasn’t that crazy about Ballet but she stayed in it for about 3 years. In grammar school she went to a two- room school called Valley View. Mollie had a lot of friends in high school. Some of the nicknames she was called by her friends was, Mollie McButter, Mollie Brown, Mollie Lollie and Princess (it was a joke). She grew up tall with a beautiful smile, talented, friendly, strong, loved God, her daughter, her grandparents, parents, sisters, life and people in general. Loved to make people laugh and was always clowning around. She was an excellent horseback rider. She competed in California High School Rodeo Dist 3. She successfully got a Charter thru Lincoln High School naming Rodeo as an Official Sport at Lincoln High School, Lincoln, CA. She loved her Sorrell horse “Cutter” who she barrel raced, and her dog “Snoop”. As a child of about 4 years old, a German Shepard dog bit her in the face. She never became afraid of dogs. She had 22 stitches to close that wound but she still always loved dogs. She became Dist. 3’s Rodeo Queen in 92-93. She was the Auburn Stamped Rodeo Queen in 93-94, in Auburn, CA. After graduating from High School she moved to Marin Co. where she worked for Sunset Stables, Marin Mountain Bicycles, Offutt’s Saddlery in Penngrove, CA., Mary’s Pizza Parlor in Marin & Petaluma where she met her husband, Richard Worden. After trying hard to make her marriage work, she gave in, to call it a failed marriage. Mollie moved to Saginaw, Texas to be near her older sister Tammy and family. She began work in the field of aviation and loved it. She was strong willed, fun loving and hard working. She lived in Texas for nearly 10 years. Her daughter Darian Renee began school there. But Mollie never lost her love for California. She moved back to California for a short time in 05, but was motivated into moving back to Saginaw, TX by her then boyfriend. Shortly before her death she began taking the missionary lessons from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She even invited her then ex-boyfriend to sit in on the Missionary Lessons. He came by but did not stay. Mollie was murdered before she could be baptized. It’s been three years and my arms and legs still go weak when I talk and think about it. She grew up around good people, hard working people. I truly believe she thought good in most all people. She had taken him to the Emergency Room a few months earlier after he drank cleaning fluid. At least my daughter did the right thing and I am so proud of her for that. I thank the Lord our granddaughter was not there. She had been attending a sleepover that night or we might have lost both of them. We had two services for Mollie. One in Saginaw where she had a lot of friends and in Lincoln where all of her old rodeo friends were. I miss Mollie so much my heart never stops aching. Our hearts have a hole in them, a hole that will never heal. We miss her laughter, her smile, her humor and even when she would get upset with us. The pain my beautiful granddaughter has gone through has been so unfair. No child should ever have to go through that sadness. Renee was 10 years 8 months at the time of the murder. Mollie was going to move back home again to CA. She was hoping for a transfer to an airport near home sometime in the future. I, her mother was so looking forward to the day that Mollie and Renee would be moving back to CA. Then on that dreadful Saturday morning on March 22, 2008 at 8:30 AM I received that “body weakling” telephone call from the Fort Worth Coroner’s Office. Mollie had just turned 32 two months before on January 22, 2008. God be with you Mollie “Lollie”, I LOVE YOU, until we meet again, until we meet at Jesus’ feet. We all LOVE YOU, Babie.


Eric Ramone Acevedo went to high school in Joshua, TX and is serving a sentence of life without possibility of parole. He brutally murdered my daughter, his ex-girlfriend, Mollieann Michael Martin-Worden in Saginaw, Texas on March 22, 2008 at approximately 1:30 AM. He was not able to take rejection, making the statement, “if I can’t have her no one can”. The defense attorney tried using CPTSD as his defense. He had served three tours of duty in IRAQ and tried to get off by claiming “Combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” (CPTSD). But, it was proven in court, without a doubt, that his personality was canny and mutative before ever going into the service. There were two witnesses that testified in court to his personality before going in to the service. One day my daughter had said, “Mom he’s mean”. I hardly heard her say it, I was feeling sorry for the guy after serving three tours of duty in Iraq. After this happened I remembered back to her saying that. I never thought that he would do something like this! I had given him my grandfather’s pocket Bible to keep with him during his last tour of duty. I had sent him things while he was on his tour. Mollie had sent him things. I said to him in court, “little did I know I should have given my grandfather’s Bible to my daughter to keep her safe from you”. When Mollie had broke off the relationship with him, he made a statement that was later brought up in court, “if I can’t have you, no one can”. The day he took her life he had been at his family’s house in Joshua, TX. Then he drove back to his house and at 1:00 AM drove to Mollie’s apt. in Saginaw, TX. He broke through the living room window. The neighbor said it sounded like a car hitting the side of the building. After crashing through he hit her in the face driving her nose into her brain. After she fell he began kicking her with steeled toed boots, then went o the kitchen and got a knife and stabbed her 11 times. During this time the neighbor came out to see what happened. He saw Eric over the top of Mollie. The neighbor knew him and said “Eric stop, don’t do this”. Eric looked up and said “hello John”. The neighbor was afraid for his life. He ran and called 911 but Mollie’s phone was already connected to 911. Mollie’s 911 call was recording everything Eric was doing. You could hear everything. After stabbing her he got up and went outside, covered with blood. When the police arrived he walked toward them. He wouldn’t get down on the ground like they were telling him to do. It was suspected he was trying to commit suicide by police officer. An officer ran in and knocked him to the ground so they could cuff him. In court he said, “he was in a fog and hardly remembered killing her. He was drunk on whisky and beer. He had called her something like, 48 times that day. She had text him, “to leave her alone”. She had called 911 earlier that evening, but he left the premises before the officers could get there. When she died she had her cell phone in her hand. In court I found out that during the past months she had called 911 several times asking to have him removed. He would always be leaving when the police arrived. One more month and it will be three years since her brutal murder. I can’t believe that I ever respected that man. My heart never quits hurting for my daughter and for my granddaughter. They were going to move back home to Lincoln, California as soon as she could get a transfer. I am her Mother, Georgia.

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