Michael David Earl (Mikey)
18 Years Old

December 24, 1988 to December 15, 2007

My Michael was a great person! He was so full of energy, as anyone who ever met Mike knew. He was ALWAYS smiling, and laughing, and it was rare to see him get angry about anything. He would come running in the door and say HELLOOOOO in a high pitch voice, while he waved his hand. He would sometimes annoy people from time to time, with his outgoing, always playing, friendly nature, but that was who Mike was. Although, he moved away from me for a short while, I knew he loved me, as he knew I loved him very much, and told him this often. He knew I would always be there for him, no matter where he lived. When he would come home and stay overnight, I would come in from work and find he had finished up my laundry. What 18 year old son helps his mom without being asked, especially with laundry?

Mike loved his little black Honda that he had just bought. He really loved that car, and that loud radio and speakers he installed in it. He worked so hard to raise the money to buy them, I wish he could have enjoyed them longer. Mike loved his family with more than words. He would stop by to play videogames and eat pizza with his autistic brother (Tony Jr. 24). He rough housed with his teenage sister (Krystal 17). I always waited to see who would give up first. He made the best macaroni and cheese according to his baby sister (Rachel 11) and did the Soldier Boy dance so well with her. At times he would hang out with only me at the pc, playing text twist, seeing who could get the word first. Mike was like a lot of other teenagers in some ways. He would stop by and eat everything he could find from the fridge, or just ask to borrow money for gas and be on his way again. I remember joking with him and saying “don’t say borrow Mike, just ask if you can have, we both know teenagers never pay back, and if I have it you can have it.”

Mike and I could talk about anything from his girlfriends to his dad ( who was also murdered that night) to just things happening in his life. I remember more than anything, stopping my son when he was ready to leave my house, asking him to look at me for a minute. I would say I love you Mike, please be careful. There are a lot of people who would hurt terribly and miss you if anything happened to you, especially me, then hugging him and getting the *oh mom you are so dramatic speech*. I am so grateful to God that I was able to do this, and pray that he truly understood how much I love him.


Michael was shot during a robbery/home invasion, he was alive and talking while his murderers searched for guns. Mike was watching Harry Potter when he answered the door at 5:00 p.m., to three people wearing mask and gloves rushed him. They held a gun to his best friends head shouting until Mike’s dad came from down the hall, his dad struggled for the gun, and was shot once in the chest, once in the back, killing him. Mike tried to save his dad and was shot puncturing both lungs and cutting his aorta. He fell back on top of his dad asking for help and saying he couldn’t breath until he was unconscious. He could be heard on the 911 call that his friend placed when the murderers left. His attacker went on to rob them while Mike’s life slipped away. He died 2 hours later at the hospital, he always was a fighter. I can only imagine how scared he was, but I thank God his friend was there. His murderers were free for three days. Gary Ransom who beat Mike’s friend, was not waived to adult court; free in 5 years. Warren Brown, who planned it took a plea, was waived, charged with felony robbery and sentenced to 20 years. Robert Stone, the shooter, released on bond just hours before murdering my son made jokes on the stand as his family laughed. He was found guilty and sentenced to 110 years in prison. God’s justice, not mine, as I prayed for.

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Michael David Earl