Maxine Joanne Yosten
51 Years Old

October 10, 1954 to November 14, 2005

Maxine Joanne Yosten 10/10/54—11/14/05 daughter of Glenn & Sylvia Yosten. Born Erie, Pennsylvania—graduated Warren Area High School, Warren, Pennsylvania. Joined the army in 1974. Maxine was a giving and compassionate person her whole life. Loved her family with all her heart. Joined the army out of high school and served in a “Mash” unit in Korea. Was honorably discharged and came back to PA.

Maxine worked at the ‘VA’ in Erie and transferred to the ’VA’ in Asheville, N.C. Worked there for 25 years as a Nursing Assistant. She loved her job intensely. “Max” (as we called her) would do and say what was needed for the Veterans. She made sure that they were respected and had all the care they needed. All the employees and volunteers loved Max for her smile, never ending endurance, high spirit and her willingness to do anything that needed to be done. Max received employee of the year, employee of the month, and many other recognition awards. The VA in Asheville, N.C. employed over two thousand, so these awards were of great notice.

Our phone calls were many. She would say “Why is it that I love these Veterans so?” I would always say that since you were born you wanted to be there when someone needed to be helped. Max had a big heart and did a great job. “Max touched many lives,” the director of the ’VA’ said. “Maxine could never be replaced.” Max wanted to retire, work in the flower dept. at Home Depot, and have a piece of land with a stream. She could have done this, she had no bills, owned her home, paid cash for a 2001 Honda in Sept. of 2005, the best car she ever had. Drove it a short time from Sept. to 11/14/05 the day she was shot. Maxine’s life came to a horrible end Nov. 14, 2005. She came home from work at 4:00 PM, called us at 4:41 PM in Girard, PA, talked till 5:09 PM, asked if she was ok, which we always do. Her murderer, Kenneth Michael Camby (#0062851) must have been there. She said she loved us and hung up.

We had our supper in Ginard, PA, while Max was at 39 Loomis Ave., Asheville, NC, calling 911 identifying who shot her. It was Michael Gamby. Max bled to death while the murderer ran and hid himself. We never knew about this till the next day, a phone call from Max’s head nurse expressing condolences. We called our daughter Karen and son Jeff and headed to Asheville, NC. Max was shot with a 38 caliber gun through her chest. We went to her house, had a yellow tape around it, blood spattered all over. Can you imagine cleaning up the blood of your loved one! It was a horrible day. Went to the Court House and then the funeral home, insisted on seeing Max, said our goodbyes—all we had left of Max was in a box. The ‘VA’ had a full military funeral service; the chapel and hallway were full.

We headed back to PA and Missouri and waited for the justice system to work. It took a full year. The murderer pled guilty to second degree murder, got a minimum of 14 years. He could be released in 2019. Maxine had the honor to be buried at Arlington National Cemetary June 20th, 2006 at 9:00 AM along with 28 other soldiers that day. We will celebrate Max’s life, her spirit, her love, her compassion forever. We will hug our family, constantly tell them we love them, and try to find some peace and purpose. We miss you Max. Thanks for being our daughter and our sister.


Maxine Yosten was murdered 11/14/05. Max was shot thru the chest with a 38 caliber pistol. Kenneth Michael Camby #0062851 shot Max, then ran and hid and left Max to bleed to death. Max called 911 to identify her killer. Camby was arrested and put in County Jail in Asheville, N.C., he was there a year, and pled guilty to second degree murder. He was sent to prison for a minimum of 14 years. He is presently at Mountain View in Boone, N.C., close to Asheville, N.C., much to our dislike. We are keeping in touch with the prison. Kenneth Michael Camby is now working to become a brick layer. The murderer has more rights than the victim. Our lives have changed forever. There is no closure to murder. The love we shared with Max cannot be taken away.

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Maxine Yosten