Marque Edwin Loach
21 Years Old

December 22, 1983 to October 25, 2005

Marque was born in Portsmouth, Virginia, the 1st born to Mark Loach and Inetha Small. He leaves behind two sisters, Marketta Loach and Aquino Simone Williams. Marque was a very quiet person, who loved his family. Marque was an animal lover; he also loved children. If he wasn’t watching the animal channel he was playing with the neighbors child (children). Marque wanted to be a vet or nurse who cared for children. He told me he liked children and animals because they did not judge you and they loved you no matter what. Marque never had children of his own. He always said he wanted to adopt a child from every race because there were too many children in the world that people didn’t care about. Needless to say he had a very compassionate heart. He never thought of himself first.
His accomplishments are as followed:
A certificate of his GED—January 22, 2002
MS Job Corps Student of the Month—April 5, 2001
Graduated from Career Development Job Corps—April 26, 2001
Certificate Adult Basic Electricity-March 25, 2002
Residential House Wiring Certificate—July 23, 2002
Certificate of Attendance
Miss National Guard Youth Challenge, Camp Shelby, MS-June 17, 2000
Health Achievement Award Youth Challenge, Camp Shelby, June 17, 2000
Certificate Job Corps National Center for
Construction Education and Research Core Curriculum, March 17, 2000
National Center Masonry Level One Certificate– May 25, 2000


October 25th was very cold. I was home studying for a test. I got up to go to the kitchen to fix myself a cup of coffee. I recall that Marque fell on my mind and I whispered a prayer thanking God for taking care of him for me. Then the phone rang for some reason. I felt uneasy. It was Marque’s friend Mitchell Robinson, who said, “Ma, Marque’s been shot.” I asked him what hospital did they take him to, thinking he would be ok. Mitchell replied, “Ma, you don’t understand,” it was then I realized I had to get to my baby. Once I arrived I saw Marque’s lifeless body on the ground. I remember thinking why won’t he move. I just wanted him to move but he never did.
To this day the gun has not been found. The killer Xiavier Williams was convicted of a crime of passion and received only 5 years due to be released after 2 or 3 years. If you ask me justice stinks if that’s what you call justice. It took 3 years to get to a courtroom only to have Marque die all over again. I feel I have let Marque down horribly. But there’s nothing I can do.

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