Mario Alonzo Napolitano
27 Years Old

October 22, 1974 to December 21, 2001

Married just 14 months to the day of his murder, Mario moved to Atlanta with his wife so that she could pursue her dream of teaching. He was a fun loving guy who always smiled. He would light up a room upon his entrance and he always had a kind word to say. He loved children, the Steelers, his parents, and of course, his wife. His passing has left a whole in many people’s heart and we miss him so.


Mario was the assistant manager of a Honeybaked Ham store in an upscale area of Atlanta, GA. On Dec. 21, 2001 one of this employees hid in the store and waited until everyone left. He then robbed and murdered both Mario and his coworker.

The murderer, Tommy Stokes, is a life long criminal, pled guilty to a lesser charge on the second day of his trial. For the murders, the armed robbery and other offenses, Tommy was sentenced to 20 years (each) to be served consecutively. Tommy is currently serving life without parole for attempting to take yet another life.

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Mario Napolitano