Marie Louise Richards
36 Years Old

September 22, 1967 to May 21, 2004

Marie Louise Richards was a beautiful young 36 year old who had her whole life before her. She embraced her Christian faith and was a member at Roopville Rd. Baptist Church, Georgia. She also loved to listen to Charles Stanley, In Touch Ministries. Marie’s positive outlook on life was contagious. Her beautiful smile and humorous spirit was enjoyed by anyone who knew her. Marie was compelled to help those less fortunate than her. Many people benefited from her heart of giving and sharing. She did face health problems and adversity, however she never gave up. She persevered in spite of her circumstances.

Marie was born and lived in Georgia. She loved the friendly, slower pace of the south. As a teenager she pursued modeling and was noted for her beautiful facial and eye features. She later worked in sales in the Atlanta area. This perfectly fit her outgoing and professional attitude.

Cherished family vacations were shared at the beach and in the fall she loved to go to the festivals in the North Georgia Mountains. Marie loved to find a bargain. Her frugal ways were an admired trait.

Marie’s life was cut short for marriage and children. However, for 10 years she enjoyed the love and companionship of her dog, “little girl”. They loved to go riding together with t-tops out and the music loud. They were much company together. Marie also loved any kind of music and dancing, especially the 70’s disco music.

Marie was deeply loved by her family. The older of 2 girls, Marie loved being the big sister. She taught me so very much about life as she led the way. We shared everything, as sisters do. We had the usual swapping of clothes and make-up. She was there for me as only a sister can be. My sister was someone who really knew the depths of who I am, as I know the depths of her. She was also the first grandchild and was named after both of her grandmothers, Marie and Louise. Her mother simply adored her, as mothers love and cherish their children. Being the first and oldest child carried a bond between Marie and her mother. The three of us strived through life with a love that not even murder can sever. Her father and step-mom loved and cared for her as well. Her dad taught her hardworking values and instilled an attitude of responsibility that comes from a father. Marie claimed proudly the title “Aunt Marie” as my children adored her and she loved being their Aunt.

Looking over Marie’s life the Lord gave her strength and courage and it was no surprise in many of her Bible’s she had underlined the verse Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”


On Friday, May 21, 2004, Marie Richards and Billy Joe Kilgore were shot and killed during an apparent robbery. Their bodies were found in an overgrown vacant lot and their vehicle was located nearby, apparently abandoned by their attacker who had attempted to flee in the vehicle. Their attacker was identified and captured after an intense search and awaits an October 2007 trial where the State of Georgia is seeking the death penalty.

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Marie Richards