Lindsey Leean Knight
19 Years Old

December 24, 1987 to December 10,  2007

She was a young mother of two.  Brianna, born on March 18, 2006 and Derek Jr., born on April 25, 2007.  Lindsey loved her two babies more than anything in the world.  They loved their mommy too.  It was pretty common to see Lindsey carrying them around, one in each arm.  It was really beautiful to see how Lindsey’s confidence was growing as she cared for and loved her two little ones.  She was becoming more independent and dreaming of what she could accomplish and become.  Her future unlimited.  She was a big sister.  Lindsey had one younger brother, Seth and three younger sisters, Whitney, Savanna, and Micheala.  They are (Sisters of the Heart), forever.  She was a little sister.  Lindsey had one older brother, Mark who is two years older than her.  Lindsey loved her sisters and brothers with all her heart.  No matter what they were doing together, it was fun and special to Lindsey.  Her love for them will be with them forever.  She was also a daughter, granddaughter, great granddaughter, niece, cousin, friend and so much more.  No words can describe how much Lindsey “Lulabelle” will be missed.  All of us left here to move on, forever changed. Heartbroken. Lindsey’s dreams and goals and future can now only be speculated on.  But the memories of our lives together cannot be erased.  Her smile, her voice, her life, all the cherished memories will be with us forever.  We ask God to comfort Our Broken Hearts. Lindsey Leean Knight  12-24-87  -  12-10-2007   Our Christmas Eve present.  Until we reunite,   LOVE ALWAYS.


On Dec. 10th, 2007, our Lindsey L. Knight was murdered by Derek Lance Woodley.  She was killed by a shotgun blast to her head.  When police arrived in an attempt to help Lindsey and get her out of the house, they were met with gunfire.  Two officers were injured at that time.  Woodley then barricaded himself in the house and a 6 hour stand-off began.  During the stand-off Woodley told police via phone conversations that Lindsey was alive but too scared to talk to them.  It was later testified in court by medical experts that Lindsey had been murdered hours before the police arrived at the house.  Woodley surrendered to police and that is when they found that Lindsey had been murdered. 

On Dec. 17th, 2008, the jury found Woodley guilty of first degree pre-meditated murder, guilty of assault with intent to commit murder, and guilty of felony firearms counts.  On Feb. 27th, 2009, Woodley was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Lindsey.  He was also sentenced up to 55 additional years for the other charges he was convicted of.  As of 2013, the Michigan Supreme Court has denied Woodley’s leave to appeal.  Therefore, he has now exhausted his State appeals process.  Woodley is now warehoused in the Michigan State Prison System at Kinross Correctional Facility located in Chippewa county in Michigan’s U.P.  It is a level 1 and 2 secure facility, surrounded by electronic security devices, fences topped with razor-ribbon wire and patrolled by armed guards.  Just the place for the creep who is the convicted murderer, Derek Lance Woodley.  Lindsey, her family and friends will be forever thankful and grateful to the assistant prosecuting attorney for making sure Woodley is where he belongs.  She is and was professional, caring, and treated us with compassion.  She fought for Lindsey and was Lindsey’s voice for everyone to hear during the trial.  Forever grateful, The family and friends of Lindsey L. Knight.

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Lindsey Leean Knight