Liberty Mae Battaglia
6 Years Old

January 17, 1995 to May 2, 2001

Liberty was preparing to graduate from Kindergarten at Bradfield Elementary in Dallas, Texas. Bigger than life, she was a pixie Diva and called herself a French Fry since she was skinny. She was also an accomplished violinist and third year ballerina. When she performed she appeared as a Swan among Ducks. She aspired to be a Prima Ballerina and would have been.

Enchanting every one, like her sister Faith. After her death, a mother of a boy that was her classmate told me he said “Liberty was the only girl that ever said Hi to me.” That about sums up what kind of person she was. I always said “Liberty has more personality than everyone in our family, and that says a lot.”

Liberty is survived by her mother Mary Jean Pearle, half sister Christine M. Battaglia, Grandmother Dorrace Pearle, Ana Castillo, Fernanda Alvidrez, best friend Veronica Sanchez along with many uncles, aunts, cousins and Friends that will always sorely miss her.


John David Battaglia murdered his daughters Faith & Liberty 30 minutes after they were picked up for a Wednesday evening dinner visitation. Liberty’s sister Faith was shot first as she begged for her life as John had her mother on speaker phone. When the first shot rang out their mother screamed “run for the door, run for the door!” Not knowing exactly what was happening.

Faith never had a chance; her lungs and spinal cord were severed by the first 2 shots.

Liberty jumped off the sofa and ran for her 38 pound life and made it to that front door. On the way there, as her father opened fire on her, she was grazed once on the top of the head and once on the arm before she went down with two body shots. Shot a total of 5 times, the last shot was to the back of the head after he picked up a second hand gun.

He was apprehended hours later outside of a tattoo parlor by Dallas police. He is currently on Texas Death Row, charged and convicted of Capitol Murder. All because Faith’s mother did not stay in a verbally abusive marriage. We’ll never really know why. He shows no remorse.

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Liberty Battaglia