LaVonne D. Adkins
18 Years Old

January 5, 1988 to February 15, 2006

Unto the Virgin Mary a child was born. The birth, life and death of this child were destined to change the hearts and lives of all who came to know Him. Planet Earth would never be the same because Jesus, the Son of God, was born. The miraculous and transforming power of His love, His wisdom and His truth caused nothing less than the supernatural to take place. Jesus is seated on the right hand of the Father now; but from on high He calls by name those men, women and children whose hearts He will fill with His love; whose minds He will fill with His thoughts, and whose lives He will give new meaning and purpose.

Hush! Be humble as He works. Then, miraculously on January 5, 1988, he was born, La Vonne Damar Adkins, a gift from God to Shelly L. and Larry D. Adkins. La Vonne was educated in the Willingboro school system and completed one semester at Burlington County College in the Criminal Justice program. He was employed by LaVita’s pizza shop in Willingboro as a delivery driver and as a team member of Target in Mt. Laurel. More importantly, he loved the Lord and as a young child La Vonne accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior and was baptized at St. John Baptist Church by Rev. Dr. Silas M Townsend in December 1995. La Vonne rededicated his life to the Lord in 2003.

To his family, La Vonne will always be remembered as a young man full of life and energy. LaVonne had an adventurous spirit. At a very early age, he showed a love for motorcycles, boats and cars—fast and antique. He had a smile that would brighten up any room that is affectionately remembered as the joker. He loved his mother, brother and fathers with all his heart. He was devoted to the idea of family unity.

Hush! The trumpet sounds! In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, on Wednesday, February 15, 2006 the author and finisher of all life came and took His son home. God chose and created him, lead and nurtured him and now he is at rest with God. Left with an eternity of memories, a lifetime of love and hearts filled with gratitude are his loving devoted parents, mother and father Shelly and Larry, stepfather Eric, a loving brother Eric, grandparents Charles and Glendora Scott, George Trusty, God parents Kevin and Michelle Pollard, Uncles Chase, George, Kevin, Walter, George M., Aunts Sonia, Ethel, Eunice, Anna, Mary, Marion, Madeline M and a host of other relatives and friends.


These nine (9) individuals attempted to get my son to join a gang and when he refused, they executed him also injuring my other son who survived. Terrell Ambrose, who was in jail on another aggravated assault charge, ordered my son to be murdered by the remaining defendants. Mr. Ambrose sent that order from his jail cell by way of a visitation with Nina Sheppard, his then girlfriend. Ms. Sheppard relayed the message to the rest of the ‘gang’ members who on February 15, 2006 after planning the final stages of my son’s execution came to my house at 10:20 p.m. shooting both of my children. My oldest son survived; however, LaVonne did not. Later on that evening, this gang went on to shoot one more member of their gang who earlier drove them from my home. Five (5) of the defendants were arrested within 48 hours of the incident, the remaining three (3) were arrested several months later.

After many attempts of witness intimidation and jury tampering by the defendants resulting in a mistrial, the following defendants were convicted:

1. Shawn Cook-murder/aggravated assault -30 years
2. Terrell Ambrose - reckless manslaughter & aggravated assault -20 years
3. Joseph Townsend–reckless manslaughter & aggravated assault-20 years
4. Al Jaheem Brown –reckless manslaughter & aggravated assault-10 years
5. Robert Rodriguez Jr.-reckless manslaughter & aggravated assault-10 years
6. Khalil Campbell-reckless manslaughter & aggravated assault-10 years
7. Maurice Brown-reckless manslaughter & aggravated assault-5 years
8. Adam Legrand-reckless manslaughter & aggravated assault -5 years
9. Nina Sheppard-conspiracy-5 years

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Lavonne Adkins