Kiva Dale Friedmann
36 Years Old

July 8, 1967 to April 26, 2003

A Mother’s pledge
There is no greater pain than to learn the fact they your child has died.
Except, perhaps, if it’s due to a brutal homicide.
On April 26th, 2003, my ears heard these words;
“I have terrible awful news for you. Kiva is dead. She has been murdered”
Raped and beaten, tortured and bruised.
How could someone do this to someone as beautiful as you?
Oh God, this news, IT JUST CAN’T BE TRUE.
The most painful journey of my life had begun.
Full of confusion and despair. There was no where to run,
I must turn and face this. It will take all my strength,
To journey through hell of eternal length.
I saw you last in Alaska, my child; grown and creating a life of your own.
A world full of friends, flower and beautiful art.
And a job that had finally put you on top.
You had succeeded in completing what some never do.
You had stepped across life’s threshold from child to full bloom.
And this should NEVER have been taken away from you.
I miss you so much and wonder if you know
That LOVE IS ETERNAL and can only grow.
Why can’t I hold you or see you smile,
Or hear your laugh and just talk and visit for a while.
These gifts of life are now denied;
Because of a brutal homicide.
Your unique existence as we know on this physical plane,
Will never be thought of as all in vain.
So many were touched by your creative blithe.
You gave so many a part of you. You gave so many a sparkle; a joy of LIFE.
I feel your spirit. I feel your soul.
I will FIGHT FOR YOU no matter how tired; no matter how old I grow.


Kiva’s death was a horrendous crime involving sadistic brutality and torture, horrible suffering and humiliation and pain for Kiva over long hours. This crime was worse than a normal murder in that it intentionally inflicted emotional distress on Kiva by rendering her helpless, binding her so she could not move, stripping her naked, shaving her head and cutting her hair and shaving her pubic hair. Her breasts and nipples were pinched and torn with an object similar to pliers. Objects were inserted into her vagina and she was raped and sodomized. Kiva was made to look into a mirror to humiliate her. She was beaten again and again with a baseball bat until her shoulder blades were broken along with her ribs and several other bones. The cellulite in her thighs became liquid from the force of the bat. Her spleen ruptured from the blows. She bled internally. She died.

Jerry D. McClain was sentenced to Life without Parole by Judge Wolverton as the defendant attempted a plea bargain. He pled to murder in the first degree and hoped he would get a sentence wherein he would serve 1/3 of and be up for parole. It was up to the State of Alaska to prove she was tortured. If so, the judge then could rule on a life sentence without the possibility of parole. The defendant has already appealed the sentence as “too harsh.” He is serving his sentence in the Arizona Detention Center outside Phoenix. He will be released on April 26th, 2069. He is 31 years old.

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Kiva Friedmann