Kevin Germain Bland (Kat)
30 Years Old

January 16, 1976 to November 11, 2006

Kevin was born on a special day just for me January 16, 1976 and a pleasant baby. He looked at me with the largest most beautiful eyes I had ever seen, because most babies would have their eyes closed during the first week of birth, but not Kevin.
When we brought him home we went to my Mom’s house quite naturally, what most daughters would do to receive all the special attention, and to get rest for the days coming. When my sister laid eyes on Kevin she said Kat, that’s what I’m going to call him which lasted until he was grown. During the years growing up Kat became closer and closer to me by walking with me and holding on to my leg, not my hand my leg. My older son called him Mama’s boy, which he had no problem with that name, because he would admit it to anyone. About eleven months later I had a daughter, and this made Kevin quite upset, because it took some attention away from him, as he thought having another baby plus my older son would do.
During later years the two youngest grew together like any other kids did, fussing, and sometime fighting because of jealousy. Our daughter called them twins, and Kevin did not care for that during the school years, but my daughter got great pleasure by teasing him all the time. Kevin loved basketball, bowling, and football with a passion.
Later after graduation from elementary, junior high, and high school years he met his sweetheart and later married her. Kevin and Christina had two children from this marriage, which were two handsome boys. Kevin was a wonderful husband, a great dad, and still an absolutely wonderful son, he worked hard to support his family and helped any one of his family or friends when necessary. Our son will always be our Angel in Heaven continuing to look our for us, from above. I will not question God’s reason why Kat… because we know that God has a Divine Order for all, including our Son. We Thank You God for Thirty years of quality life our son shared with us on earth.

In our dreams, you are alive and well
Laughing and smiling as usual
In our mind, we see you clear, and still here
In our soul, there will always be a hole
That can never be filled
Your wonderful spirit will live on
Always in our mind you’re never gone
Son, you left too soon for us to bear
As parents we thought we would be first to leave
But in this world, we were left here to grieve
You Are In Our Father’s Arms, and this we know
We Love You Kat You Are Never Forgotten & We Thank God For You.
Love Mom & Dad



Kevin was murdered on November 11, 2006 going into his in-laws home, which his case was never solved, and no one gave an id of the killer. His case status is open, but told by the officer that it would be further looked into.

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Kevin Germain Bland