Kenneth (Kay Jay) Mills Jr.
23 Years Old

November 6, 1980 to November 15, 2003

Kenneth Gustavus Mills, Jr. lovingly known as “Kay-Jay”, was born on November 6, 1980 in Livingston, New Jersey to Kenneth Augustus Mills, Sr. and Donna Maria Mills.

Kenneth received his elementary education in the St. Lucie County Fl School System at Fairlawn Elementary and graduated from Lincoln Park Academy in 1998. At Lincoln Park, Kenneth participated in the Dual Enrollment Advanced College Education Program. He was so successful in Dual Enrollment that he was able to complete one full year of college before he even finished high school. Upon graduation, Kenneth went on to complete his education at Indian River Community College, at the age of 18 where he received an Associate of Arts degree in English in 1999.

Kenneth used his academic foundation in English to become a prolific writer, poet, rap artist and composer. He was without question the most creative member of his family. He excelled in sports, particularly basketball and football, played drums and keyboard, was a skilled dancer and is the author of hundreds of poems, songs, raps, sketches and musical compositions, many of which have been recorded. In short, Kenneth was the consummate Artiste: he loved art for its own sake and wanted to share his creative talent with the world. He never sought after profit or gain.

Kenneth started his career as a third-grade teacher at the Mills Academic Learning Center in Fort Pierce, Florida in 2001. All of the children were head-over-heels in love with “Mr. Kay-Jay,” and he had a profound effect on their lives. In addition to his full-time work at the Learning Center, he was an after-school tutor at the Save Our Children Center and a Cub Scout Troop Master for the Boy Scouts of America. In fact, Kenneth spent his last day on earth doing what he loved most: spending time with his Cub Scout Troop and spending time with his father. Kenneth has also participated in a mission trip to Haiti, where he is loved by many because of his efforts.

Kenneth was a compassionate, sensitive, intelligent and gifted free-spirit. He loved to laugh with his family and friends took immense joy from working with children, loved animals from the time he was small, and had a witty, disarming and friendly sense of humor. Every room he entered was warmer and brighter because of his presence, for people were immediately put at ease by his bright disarming smile, easy-going manner and his passion for life. His artistic talent was unparalleled and his love of life, family and friends was undeniable.

Our Kenneth was s special Gift from God and we were honored for 23 years and nine days to have him in our lives. On November 15, 2003, God called his special gift home.

The Mills Family: (Dad), Kenneth Mills Sr. (Mom), Donna Mills, (Brother), Joshua Paul Mills, (Sister Brother in law and Nephew), Shaniek, Anthony, & Jayden Maynard, (Brother), Alton Mills and an innumerable number of other relatives and friends.




King’s Kid”
By Kenneth Kay-Jay Mills, Jr.

Turn your back on those things causin’ nothing but pain.
And wait for the day sunshine will burst straight through your rain.
I feel I’ve changed. Coming into my own…
I’ve got to overcome because actually,
I’m a King’s Kid,
So I’m gonna win naturally

“Dear MLK”
By Kennth Kay-Jay Mills, Jr.

Dear MLK, while you’ve been away,
It seems that your dreams have been taken for granted,
Hard to understand it
The prejudice ain’t as bad as it was, But instead of showing love,
Everybody wanna be thugs,
with the drugs,
Got a lot of folks caught.
So with this rhyme, I’m prying the trap open, with my verbal jack, slopin’ attack
After that, who knows where my journey may quit?
Possibly assassination for the Truth that I spit.
MLK, we need your wisdom, your guidance, your dream.‘Cause young brothers 13 survivin’off
the triple beam.
And though it seems that the White hand is letting us go,
the herb that we blow,
Sometimes takes away the motivation.
Little hope of escaping,
Somebody’s doping the nation.

Then to some, crime still seems delicious
those who can’t see that their diggin’ their own ditches.
Father, forgive us for we know not what we do.
Don’t get me wrong, we still stand strong
There are some strong Black men, like Ben Carson’s
“Gifted Hands, Lifted Hands”
My race against time got me thinking, Hennessy had me sinking
Knew it was time to quit drinking.
Turning my back on those things causing nothing but pain.
Waiting for the day sunshine will bust straight through my rain.
I feel I’ve changed. Come into my own. ‘Bout time….
For in the blink of an eye,
Seasons change, my brother Klans no longer smother,
But it’s Brothers Killin’ Each Other.

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Kenneth Mills