Kai Louis Milton
21 Years Old

February 11, 1984 to March 19, 2005

Kai Louis Milton was born on February 11, 1984 at Tulane Memorial Hospital to Kimmie Milton, Sr. and Albertine J. Phillips Batiste. On Saint Joseph’s Day, Saturday March 19, 2005 at about 5:30 p.m., he departed this life to live “In His Peace” with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Kai’s funeral was held on Good Friday, March 25, 2005, at Greater Mount Carmel in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Apostle Darryl McCoy officiated. That evening his family and friends brought his body to Forest Lawn Cemetery in Slidell, Louisiana and the final burial was held on that Monday.

Kai accepted Christ and was baptized at an early age. Kai played the trumpet and he tried to play football but refused after the first game to play anymore. He was always leading his little brother Kimmie around like he was his father. Those two were inseparable. Also he wanted to have his way all the time. He tried to control the house and wherever else we would go or be at. He graduated from the Orleans parish School System in 2004. Kai had a determined mind, with that spirit it led him to live a swift life that was full of challenges that he faced alone and overcame. He was a leader not a follower. He was well known because of his enthusiastic and energized personality that gave you an everlasting impression of him. He was inquisitive, always trying to master a plan or someone else’s plan. He had a loving spirit also. You could always count on him to help you when it was needed. He may fuss a little but he would find a way. Cars were his thing. He enjoyed racing, fixing and restoring them. He lived each day to the fullest until the end. Also he was a good father. He loved his first born daughter Kennedi. If he had to leave her he made sure that he called to check on her because he said she would cry if she did not see him and he would come pick her up if she would cry. Kai, his second daughter was born after he was killed in August.

Kai’s experiences in his short life were more than some have experienced during a full one. Kai was overweight at 1, terrible at 2, a big brother to Kimmie, Jr. at 3, stubborn at 4, a big brother to Shonn and Kimmie at 5, kindergarten runaway at 6, declined playing little league sports at 7, explorer at 8, started performing at 9, manipulator at 10, challenger and manipulator at 11, leader at 12, innovator at 13, entrepreneur at 14, creative strategist at 15, gifted initiator at 16, uncle to Michael at 17, homeless caretaker at 18, father to Kennedi and uncle to Michael at 19, house manager at 20, uncle to Michael and Alin at 21 and made his first Mardi Gras Indian suit and masked as A War Chief of the Young Cheyenne tribe in 2004.


Kai was killed at our family home in New Orleans, Louisiana. That morning the mother of Kai’s daughters, Shantica said she called Kai to wake him because they were scheduled to take a family portrait. He was drowsy so she had to keep calling him back. When they got to Wal Mart the studio was crowded. So Kai went outside to sleep in the car. Then he kept getting calls on his cell from Slugger wanting to meet up with him. Nica got tired of waiting so they left. Kai asked Nica if she wanted to come home with him, she said not now maybe later, so Kai dropped her and Kennedi off. When he got home Slugger and another parked car was there. Slugger got in on the passenger side of Kai’s car. Within a few minutes a Black Avalanche truck came and parked on the right side of the car. Suddenly, bullets were fired from the Avalanche into Kai’s car. Kai received 3 bullets; in the forehead, on his right side and in the chin. The chin bullet went down his neck into his chest and burst his heart. After the shooting, men from the car parked on the corner walked and pulled Slugger out while the Avalanche was still parked on side of Kai’s car. Detective Haynes follow-up investigation identified 31 year old Richard Lacey responsible. Lacey turned himself in 7/5/05, then booked with 1st and attempted 1st degree murder. Due to the Katrina the case is unsolved.

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Kai Milton