Julian Michael Smith Jr. (Lil Pop)
23 Years Old

November 28, 1985 to February 8, 2009

Julian Michael Smith Jr. (Lil Pop to his loved ones and Big Country to his friends) was born on November 28, 1985 to Julian and Susan Smith in Brooklyn, NY. He was murdered on February 8, 2009. He grew up first in Brooklyn and then in Queens, a student of the New York City educational system. Upon graduating from Campus Magnet High School, Julian attended Bishop State College in Mobile, Alabama, transferring to LaGuardia Community College in Queens, NY. Julian held various jobs throughout his adult life in security, retail, and customer service. Julian’s most endearing qualities were his gentle and caring personality, his ability to make friends wherever he went and his childlike wonderment he was able to maintain into adulthood. His gregarious nature always made him the center of attention and the life of the party. Though he presented a massive physical presence which could be intimidating on its face, it became clear in short order that he was no more than a gentle giant who was able to retain his belief in the fundamental good of people. As the middle child, Julian was a positive influence on his younger brothers, and admired by his older sisters. Julian was also the heart of our home. He loved to laugh and kept us all laughing. Family time was very special to him. Whether it was a vacation in Jamaica, a holiday dinner or just sitting around playing board games he loved it all. Julian had intended on finishing his education to get a degree in management. We miss you more than words can say. We will love you forever.


Julian Michael Smith Jr. was born on November 28, 1985. He was murdered February 8, 2009. Julian and a friend went to a birthday party at a sports bar. Upon leaving the party his friend went to get the car while Julian waited in front of the establishment. Two guys got into a fight and one pulled a gun. Instead of shooting his intended target he shot and killed Julian, an innocent bystander. The murderer, Lauren Hill pled guilty to second degree murder. He was sentenced on March 28, 2011 to twenty-three years with no appeal followed by five years parole. This convict has been in trouble with the law before.

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