Joyus Dawn Hendrix
24 Years Old

May 18, 1978 to August 24, 2002

Joyus was 24 years old when she was killed. She left her home at 5:30 pm (shortly after taking a bath) on Thursday and never returned. “Worried” boyfriend and friends looked for her. She left on a 3 wheeler and they were afraid she had mechanical problems with it. On Friday, at 5:30 am, she was still gone. Jimmy & Joe Anne Hendrix, the parents left at daybreak looking for her and found her nude body in the woods at the bottom of a dry creek. She was laying on her side as if she were asleep and her body was caked in mud. The 3 wheeler was at the top of the hill upright with no damage to it. Autopsy report revealed the body had been moved (two lines of lividity). The boyfriend when questioned was uncooperative and refused to take a polygraph test and retained an attorney. No arrests have been made. The boyfriend is a 2 time felon and continues to walk the streets free. The parents are now raising Joy’s son as their own. He was only 22 months when his mom was killed. She was smart, very beautiful and today, is greatly missed.


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