Joseph(Joe) W. Phillips
and Joseph(Joe) W. Daugherty

December 27, 2003

Joe Phillips was born in 1914 in San Jose, CA. Soon after, his family moved to land near Linden, CA, where he grew up with two brothers and a sister. They planted a walnut orchard which was known as The Phillips Ranch. Joe actively farmed until 1995 and visited his ranch daily until his death. He worked his way through college during the Depression and graduated from UC Davis. In 1939, he married Josephine Scally, daughter of a pioneer Stockton family, and they raised two daughters, Melinda and Mary. During World war II, he left Stockton and worked at Lockheed, using his civil engineering skills. He was a world traveler, an avid reader, and a mentor to his family and younger farmers. At age 89, although legally blind and walking with difficulty, he could discuss history, geography, and current affairs with anyone. Dinner table conversations lasted several hours and there was a reference map on the dining room wall. He had five grandchildren, the oldest of whom was his namesake, Joe Daugherty. He took his family and, later, his grandsons on global travels. His memorial service was attended by over 200 friends in Jan 2004. Joe Phillips is buried in the Scally family plot in Stockton, California.

Joe Daugherty was born in 1967 and raised in Orinda, CA. Early on, he was an outstanding student and admired by his classmates. Joe was very close to his younger brother, sister and two cousins, for whom he was a leader and a friend. In high school, Joe distinguished himself in academics, athletics, and student government. With several college choices, he chose to attend the United States Naval Academy, carrying on the Phillips' family tradition of military service. After graduating from USNA in 1990, Joe pursued his hobbies of travel, reading, soccer and bicycling, and became a private investor. He lived in Alexandria, VA from 1993 until his death. He shared his grandfather’s love of history and the two Joes had many lengthy telephone conversations on current events. Joe was an outgoing man who loved his family, friends, Mustang cars, especially the Cobra, cats, sports, and his collections. His classmates at Miramonte High School have established a Joseph Daugherty Memorial Scholarship which is awarded to a graduating senior. His life ended on December 27, 2003 at the age of 36.


On December 21, 2003 Joe Daugherty flew to California from his home in Virginia to vacation with family. He visited with his grandfather, Joe Phillips, in Stockton, California, and later, grandfather and grandson drove to the Bay Area to celebrate the holidays with the rest of the family. On December 26, the two “Joes” drove back to Stockton. Early next morning, Wayne Osborg, Jr. entered Phillips’ home, went upstairs and bludgeoned Joe Daugherty to death in his bed, then went downstairs and bludgeoned Joe Phillips in his bed. On December 31, 2003 Osborg was arrested, based on the presence of his fingerprints in the Phillips’ home. Osborg once resided in a house backing on to the Phillips’ home and had a dispute with Joe Phillips over to the Phillips’ fence. Additionally, neighbors interviewed by the police mentioned Osborg as a suspect, as he was a methamphetamine abuser. Subsequently, DNA evidence and stolen items linked Osborg to the murders. He never admitted to the crimes or expressed remorse. The Osborg family mounted an expensive defense and used delaying tactics, but Wayne Osborg, Jr. was found guilty of two first degree murders with special circumstances on June 30, 2005. In August 2005 he was sentenced to two consecutive life terms without parole and sent to Lancaster State Prison in Los Angeles County at age 32. The lives of the Phillips-Daugherty families have changed forever as they learned how to deal with these senseless, brutal murders.

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