Jose Antonio Pico (Tony)
23 Years Old

June 6, 1977 to May 8, 2001


Tony was born on June 6, 1977 in Brooklyn New York. He was the second oldest of four children. He lived with his parents: Zenon and Paula Pico, his grandparents Maximo and Angela Quijije. He had three sisters: Helen, Paola, and Marlene. He left behind a daughter: Tatiana Pico and also left two nephews and nieces: Fabian, Clarissa, Emmanuel, and Abigail. He went to Saint Rita Catholic School since kindergarten to the eighth grade where he served as an alter boy. He joined the Boy Scouts when he was in the 5th grade and ended when we left to come to Houston. He played baseball and loved wrestling. He moved to Houston, Texas in 1990. He graduated from Elsik High School in 1996. He started working at Walworth Company, an important industrial valve company right after high school in the Warehouse where after two years he was promoted to a customer service representative. He had just gotten promoted to warehouse manager in the same week he was taken from us. He took his job seriously and was very responsible with his bills and also helped his parents with house bills. He had many plans in life for his future and the future of his daughter. He was a family oriented person that loved all of us, cared not only for his family but also his true friends. He lived for his daughter; she was his number one priority in every way. He was very funny and loved by all of his family and friends. He would go home straight from work to watch the TV show Friends, he would watch and laugh out loud all by himself. Every night after the show even though Tatiana did not know how to talk he would call her just for her to hear his voice. Her laughter and giggles would make his day and he would sleep peacefully knowing that his little girl was safe. He was a good son, father, grandson, brother, and friend. He never got in any kind of trouble. Tony was the type of person that no matter where he was if someone needed something and he was able to help, he would drop what he was doing and go help the person. Tony is missed by all his family and friends. The glow in his eyes and the sound of his laughter is gone, but his memory will stay with us forever. He will always be remembered by his family and friends. We Love You Tony.


The night of May 4, 2001, Tony was visiting with family members and friends at Capriccio Club in Houston, Texas. After meeting up with his sister inside he got a phone call and left to get something out of his car. Once outside he saw a fight involving a friend of his and the attackers that were about three to four guys. When Tony tried to help this person, one of the attackers hit Tony in the head with a baseball bat not only once but several times leaving him to die in the streets. The attackers fled in a silver or cream colored 1990- 1995 Cadillac. Tony was taken by paramedic to Ben Taub Hospital where he died four days later on May 8, 2001 from his head injuries. The family could not believe that all of this was happening. He was to celebrate his grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary and his daughters first birthday and all of that was taken from him and his family that night. The suspect that struck him with the bat is described as a Hispanic male, 18-20 years old, 6’2”, heavy build, with a medium dark complexion and a short fade haircut. The Houston homicide division has not yet been able to catch and have no leads to these murders. We just pray to God that some day there is justice for Tony and so that we the family can have a little bit of peace in our hearts, because there is nothing in the world that can calm this pain that we feel with the lost of Tony.

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Jose Pico