John-Brennan Tyler
19 Years Old

August 22, 1971 to May 31, 1991

John-Brennan Tyler, my son, was prayed for to come into this world. I had miscarried on 2 occasions before I gave birth to him, and he was truly the joy of my world. Unfortunately, his father and I divorced when he was 13, and I eventually remarried and moved to Houston.

John Brennan was such a handsome young man, that I encouraged him to enter the modeling world. He had already done several successful TV commercials, and also had his own auto detail business. John Brennan was ambitious and a hard worker.

Since John Brennan lived in Oklahoma, he came to visit us in Houston to celebrate his sister, Ashley’s graduation from high school. He was fun loving and loved the Lord with all his being.

John Brennan was just a few months shy of celebrating his 20th birthday when he was killed. He was in college at the time, and had ambitions of eventually going to law school. He is very much missed.


John-Brennan Tyler was murdered in Houston, Texas.

John Brennan had just met Barbara Dawson only 5 days before the murder. The murderer was jealous because he wanted to take Barbara out. They had seen each other several times in that few days.

The murderer killed them both with a knife, my son first then Barbara.

When my daughter had heard about the murder, she immediately said that she knew who did it. All the “kids” that had been around John and Barbara immediately suspected that “strange” young man. He was apprehended a few days later.

John Brennan and Barbara were killed May 31, 1991 at 3:00 a.m., just a few feet down the street from Barbara’s home.

Submitted by John Brennan’s mother
Sandy C. Kelly

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John-Brennan Tyler