Jerome Charles Lea(Cruze)
25 Years Old

May 21, 1982 to May 25, 2007

Jerome was born in Little Rock, Arkansas he was an identical twin. Jerome was a healthy baby and was a joy to be around. As Jerome grew into adulthood he developed a personality and character like no other. Well, except for his twin Tyrone. When they were younger they use to play tricks with their teachers and go to each others classroom and it wouldn’t be until the next day that the teacher would know what they did. Jerome was a very strong, loving and caring young man. Jerome as very close to all his sisters and brothers and would do anything for them. He would give his last to you. Jerome was always helping others in what ever the situation may have been. Jerome was a strong believer in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jerome lived in Milwaukee, WI for the most part of his life.

Jerome used to always say that if he ever had children that he would love and cherish his kids that he would be there for them with love and spending time with them. Well, that day came when Jerome had his first child, a son he named Jerome Charles Lea jr. with a nickname “Boo-man.” Jerome would do everything for that boy and he was a good father and a loving daddy. He changed diapers, 2-3 in the morning he fixed bottles, held him, love, kiss, hug and protect his son. He would sleep on his chest. Then came his daughter, Nal-Lysha Samari Lea. she was an angel and he nicknamed her “Tinker-bell.” She looked just like Jerome as well as his son did. These two children were his world. Jerome had a third child and his name is Notorous Lea, he was 6 days old when he was killed. He also had a stepson named Jermauri Quan.

On May 25, 2007, my son Jerome had just got off work and gotten his first paycheck at his new job. He was on his way home, and he was so happy. He had planned on picking his fiancee up and they were going shopping for the new baby. Jerome got a call from Peanut, a friend of his to come and pick him up from work at McDonald’s.

Jerome went to McDonald’s just to pick his friend up from work when he got there Peanut told him that he had an argument with another guy, just shortly after the guy who Peanut states he was arguing with came to McDonald’s and began to argue with Peanut and Jerome.

It was about 2:35 and I was talking to my oldest daughter and she was so happy talking about her new nursing job as she was on her way home from school. She noticed that her brother’s friends was flagging her down. She said “MaMa there is plenty of police and ambulance out here and the guys are flaggging me down.” I asked her did she see her brother’s and she said no not yet. Turn around I said I am MaMa I’m turning around now. As she got closer I could hear that there was a crowd and I could hear a lot of noise. My daughter said “MaMa I’ll call you back .” I said “no do not hang the phone up. I asked her again do you see your brothers” and she said “No, MaMa not yet.” Then there was a pause and I could hear my daughter.


Asking what happened “Where’s the twins.” Then that’s when she said “MaMa it’s Jerome he’s been shot, MaMa Jerome’s been shot.” “Oh my God No, where is he at? Where is he at?” “Where did he get shot at? Please just tell me if it’s a life threatening situation? “ “MaMa I dont know she said, then I heard her yell out “Can I please come in I’m his sister, where is my brother shot at” she was yelling. I could hear the police talking in the background and they would not let her come close. She could not get close to Jerome. Next my daughter said “MaMa Jerome been shot in the chest and they are trying to revive him.” “Oh my dear God please Lord please not my baby! My daughter yelled “I’m a nurse what is his vital signs his mother is on the phone we want to know” she yelled. “MaMa it don’t look good” she said. That’s when I heard the ambulance sirens drive off. “Is that the ambulance driving off with my baby” I asked as the tears ran down my face. It was like a knife piercing in my heart and taking may breath away. I didn’t want to believe that I could be losing my baby, my son. My daughter’s cell phone went dead. The next time I talked to her she was running and yelling through the hospital saying “where is he, they just brought a young man in here with a gunshot wound, his name is Jerome Lea, my brother where did they take him” she asked frantically. I could hear the nurse say “I’m sorry calm down no one brought anyone in by that name or injury. Then my daughter said “MaMa’s here. The ambulance and the siren is not on! Ma, it don’t look good” she said. Then the phone went dead again. The next call I got was my daughter telling me that Jerome is Dead. “He died MaMa Jerome is Dead. My brother is gone.” “Oh my Lord—Oh my God. Please have mercy. This is how my son died this is his story. That is how we found out how my son got killed.

Jerome we will always love you and we will miss you so very much. Know that your children are safe and well loved. They will know how much you truly loved them.

A true angel of God, MaMa will always love you.

Love Always, Your Loving Family

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Jerome Lea