Julie Morgan-Hernlen
Aeneas Hernlen

31 & 29Years Old

August 1, 1973 October 6, 1975 to
March 28, 1995 March 19, 2005

Julie Morgan and Aeneas Hernlen were married in St. John, VI in 1997. They returned to the US in 2000 when their daughter was a year old, and settled in Daytona Beach, FL and were in the process of renovating when they became victims of homicide.

Julie and Aeneas were devoted parents to their daughter, who was 5 at the time of their deaths, and she adored her parents. Everything they did was centered around her-movies, decisions on the colors of their new home, places they went. They both had a strong interest in her education, especially in the areas of safety—a strong reason as to why she handled the 911 call as well as she did.

Julie and Aeneas both had a passion for the beach, and shared a love of surfing, the outdoors and rescuing animals. They had several rescued animals of their own, and while living in St. John, they volunteered at a Rescue Center. Both had a unique sense of humor and loved to share their adventures with others.

Julie lived in upstate NY with her parents and brother, and later moved to Florida, where she became an avid soccer player throughout her junior/senior high school years. She was very spirited and had a vivacious personality. She was very caring toward others, committed and loved to learn new things. Julie always struggled with a learning disability, but overcame many of its obstacles and obtained an AA degree from Valencia CC, FL and a BA degree from Flagler College, FL in Psychology and Deaf Education. Shortly after her death, Julie received an AA degree in Legal Studies, posthumously, from Daytona Beach CC. She previously worked with the Department of Children and Families, and prior to her returning to school, she worked in the federal security field. Her intended goal was to become a lawyer and help make a difference.

Aeneas grew up in DeLeon Springs, FL with his parents and 2 brothers. He was a wrestler in school and loved the beach. He was very energetic, creative and a hard worker. He loved to fish, boat and camp, and had a wonderful gift for carpentry. As much as he loved the beach, he also had a love for the North Carolina mountains. He spent many years as a Lifeguard for the County Beach Services and was very passionate about his beach work. He also worked as a service installer for a cable company, and at the time of his death, was employed as a Fabricator for a sign company. Aeneas was always there when someone needed help, especially when friends and neighbors homes were damaged by the 2004 hurricanes. One of his intended goals was to become a firefighter/paramedic.


Julie Morgan-Hernlen and her husband, Aeneas Hernlen, were murdered in March 2005 while they were sleeping in their home in New Smyrna Beach, FL by David Johnson, a former friend, who broke into their home during the early morning hours.

Aeneas was shot and survived. He was airlifted to Halifax Hospital where he was placed on life supports until they were removed on 3/29/05. Julie was shot and was found dead in the home. Julie and Aeneas’ 5 year old daughter was sleeping in the next room and was awakened by the shots and the intruder laughing. She went to their room to find no response from either parent and proceeded to call 911.

David Johnson proceeded to return to his home where he committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest.

David accused them of turning him into the narcotics unit for a drug business he had. Police advised him frequently that they were not the ones. He continued to stalk, threaten to do harm to them, and attempted to run them off the road.

On January 11, 2005, Julie and Aeneas attempted to obtain an injunction for repeat violence from the courts, but were denied on the basis that “No violence was alleged. Hard to prove stalking with these allegations.”

On March 22, 2005, David was in court for a pre-trial hearing related to the stalking charges. On March 28, 2005, David broke into their home committing the murder.

Case Closed—no conviction. Stalker killed himself.

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