Mary Faith Battaglia “Faith”
9 Years Old

January 9, 1992 to May 2, 2001

Faith was a straight A student in the 3rd grade attending Bradfield Elementary in Dallas, Texas. All her teachers and coaches always told her she had the most beautiful hair they had ever seen, which embarrassed her a little.

She was an accomplished 3rd year violinist and had attained her Blue Belt in karate. Since she was 5 years old and she said she wanted to be a scientist. Her grandfather she adored, Gene Harrsion Pearle, had died of cancer and she was going to be the one to find the cure. One of her best friends Loddie Allison told her mother after she died, “The world has lost a great scientist.” Thoughtful and ambitious, the day she died she had a lemonade stand on the corner. She always put on the sign “Free Lemonade for Joggers,” she knew they wouldn’t be carrying money and wanted them to be hydrated.

In 2005, her beloved Papillipn “Peppy” joined her in heaven. Faith was a very religious and spiritual young lady, never forgetting to remember her nightly prayers to include anyone that was ill or in need of help.

Faith is survived by her mother Mary Jean Pearle, half sister Christine M. Battaglia, grandmother Dorrace Pearle, Ana Castillo, Fernanda Alvidrez, along with many uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends who will always sorely miss her.


John David Battaglia murdered his daughters Faith & Liberty 30 minutes after they were picked up for a Wednesday evening dinner visitation. Faith was killed execution style as she begged for her life after her father made her call her mother on speaker phone.

As she lay bleeding to death from 2 mortal body shots he finished her off with a shot below her ear to the back of the head.

He was apprehended hours later outside of a tattoo parlor by Dallas police. He is currently on Texas Death Row, charged and convicted of Capitol Murder. All because Faith’s mother did not stay in a verbally abusive marriage. We’ll never really know why. He shows no remorse.

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Faith Battaglia