Emein M. Smith (Harp Gees)
23 Years Old

June 19, 1982 to November 13, 2005

Emein M. Smith was the youngest of three children born to Beverly J. Wright. “Harp Gees” as he was known in the neighborhood and throughout the city of Chester, was a 2000 graduate of Chester High School. Emein was s loving son, brother, grandson, uncle, nephew, cousin and friend to many. His greatest love was his son Emein Shaquille Smith, to whom he was extremely devoted. He often said “I want to be the best father I can be to my son and be sure that he knows how much I love him.” Emein had a penchant for electronics and dancing, often tinkering with music and rapping. Emein was a very smooth dancer on the floor often the joy of the parties.

“Harp Gees” had a love for fishing and the outside world installing car stereos for the guys only on his “God” given talent. There was no greater Dallas Cowboy football fan anywhere, usually seen sporting his “E Smith” jersey at an early age.

Emein was employed by the CoCoa Factory in Penns Grove, NJ and is truly missed by more than any words can describe.

Emein was a very finicky eater, although his weight would have told otherwise. His biggest request was for corn pudding, macaroni & cheese, chicken, French fries (sometimes with cheese), greens and baked ham. Emein loved those Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners with the aromas that drifted throughout the house.

Emein enjoyed spending his time with his son (Emein), mother, big bro (Erikk) and big sister Erika, and the extended family.

Forever loved and missed!!


Emein M. Smith, age 23, became the City of Chester’s 13th murder on November 13, 2005. Emein was senselessly murdered while out with two other “friends”. In the process of one of the other young men being shot at that Emein was with, the perpetrators shot Emein while he was attempting to get back into the vehicle they had arrived to this club in. Although Emein was not the “target” he was pronounced dead on the scene. There were 4 young men reported to be doing the shooting at Emein’s “friends” that night, however, to date, there have not been any charges filed in the case. The City of Chester Police Department Detectives do have suspects, however, because the “friends” nor the witnesses have come forward, thus the present dilemma. A $10,000 reward is being offered in the case.

Let it be known that these cowards committed this crime without any coverings on their faces, so they are known to have committed the murder.

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Emeinm Smith