David Nelson (Dave)
28 Years Old

May 7, 1979 to April 1, 2005

On April 1, 2005, David, a store manager for Footlocker in Cutler Ridge, was murdered by robbers while making a bank deposit for the store. He was shot in the back at close range with a shotgun in front of the night deposit box and took the money. The criminals were caught 10 days later. They confessed to the robberies and David’s and two other robbery murders, but they later pled not guilty in Court and are in jail. The coldhearted killers killed my wonderful loving son for a bag of money. I love him and will miss him forever.

David was born at Roosevelt Hospital in New York on May 7, 1979 to Eugenie and Yves Nelson, their only son. David has one sister, Jennifer. He and his family moved to Miami, Florida when he was eight. He attended Holy Family Catholic School, Archbishop Curley Notre Dame High School and graduated from North Miami Beach Senior High School in 1997. While he attended Miami-Dade College, he worked at Just For Feet, where he was promoted to Store manager within two years. After Just For Feet closed in 2004, he went to work for Footlocker as a Store Manager from April 1, 2004, until his untimely death on April 1, 2005. At the time of this death, David was pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Phoenix.

David was a loving son, father, brother, and friend who inspired others through his hardworking and purpose-driven Life. He was strong, handsome, good-humored, dependable, and friendly. He always knew he wanted to be a business leader. Although he was very intelligent and excelled in school, he valued work experience and was very proud of his work accomplishments.

David was recognized by his employer for his excellent management and leadership skills. On the eve of his death, he received a Leadership Award for inspired drive, superior merchandising skills, professional retail expertise and leadership talents resulting in a sales gain of $102,000 for the company. He was a tireless and considerate worker who rarely took time off and would not quit until the job was done. His friends, customers and colleagues will remember him for his leadership and dedication. He saw himself as an example to others and conducted himself accordingly. He was fiercely independent and considered himself a leader.

David was forthright and unpretentious and showed his love for his family and friends through action. He was the protector who constantly checked on his mother and sister. He also kept his friends close and out of harms way. Although he considered himself a man of few words and cherished his privacy, David was transparent in showing his family and friends that he loved them unconditionally and would be there for them. Everyone knew him as the “Godfather”. His favorite TV shows and movies included Seinfeld, Good Times, Married with Children, Everybody Loves Raymond, Scarface and the Godfather, and he loved to play video games.


David was especially devoted to his three children, Tiera, Laila, and Anthony. He gave them the kind of direction and love only a special father could. He was a proud father. Even as he worked long hours at distant locations, he always attended to his children’s needs. He let everyone know that they were his priority. He was also a father figure to Breana and Terell James. He was an exceptional father, and his children adored him and deeply miss him. He was never too busy for them. When they trace the footsteps of their time with their father, their children will find that he was always there, lovingly guiding them, teaching them discipline while comforting them with a warm smile or hug. David’s legacy of love for his children was so profound it challenges and guides those of us who must now care for them.

David lived to the fullest in his 25 years on earth. God showed him his path early, and he has left us with a wonderful legacy. He was always a mature person who took life seriously. David had great respect for life and people and took responsibility for all his actions. He took pride in being a mentor and role model to his friends and family, and he was admired and respected by all who knew him, especially his mom and children who adored him dearly. David was a happy person who did not complain about life’s problems. He is mine and his three children’s inspiration. I will forever cherish his wonderful 25 years, and he will live in my heart until we meet again. We desperately miss our beloved Dave, and his light will forever shine in our lives. WE MISS HIM GREATLY.

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David Nelson