Darius Robinson

17 Years Old
Date: April 25, 1995 to August 21, 2012

Darius Robinson, son of Fred and Jeanine Robinson is memorialized with the highest admiration and esteem.  Darius Isaiah Robinson, was born on April 25, 1995, and then tragically killed by random gunfire on August 21, 2012 after his return home from a fun-filled, loving family vacation.

Despite the family’s pain and suffering from this great loss, it is imperative that this organization is formed to memorialize Darius’ exceptional years with us, his outlook and perception of life.  Darius was a well-balanced 17 year old teenager, raised in a dual family home, with the highest regard for family values and respect for one another.  He grew up in a modest urban community and recognized the significance of strong family values, diligence and working hard to achieve his goals.

Darius, at the tender age of 7 years old, was diagnosed a Juvenile Diabetic, compelled to then live as an insulin dependent child for the rest of his life.  Although, this was a far difficult task for such a young lad, he handled his condition with such ease and confidence.  His bout with diabetes called immediate attention to not only him, but to the family as well prompting the need of health awareness and fitness consciousness.

As he matured and was faced with day-to-day living, in an urban community, Darius had to use discernment routinely when making fundamental choices.  Darius, although our son, was just not an ordinary teen, he made a lasting impression on anyone who ever came in contact with him.  He was extremely polite, respectable and always receptive to the advice given to him from parents, teachers, coaches and mentors who had his best interest at heart.  Darius vigorously pursued his education, and was well on his way to graduating from high school with a regent’s diploma, while maintaining two part time jobs throughout the years.


He was a vital member of The Students Rights Task Force and had meetings at the United Nations with Global Human Rights Leaders.  He learned amongst other things that there was a Universal Declaration of Human Rights, covering the inalienable rights of all of us citizens in a globalized world.  He also met with Department of Education Officials and community planning members, people he would not have otherwise crossed paths with.  Darius helped produced and is listed as an author of the 2012 Declaration of the Rights of  High School Students for New York City Hand Book that is currently being distributed to incoming students.

Darius Robinson’s legacy still lives on.  We continue to celebrate his life and honor him as a dynamic teenager whose character qualities were full of compassion, integrity, encouragement and enthusiasm.  He recognized the art of using critical thinking as a mechanism to see him through normal teenage woes.  His optimistic attitude, love, and admiration for his family and life far surpassed most teens and adults.

It is only befitting, that we employ his untimely passing to convey to the world the necessity prompting us to model his phenomenal character and pilot his life in an effort to make a positive contribution to society.

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Darius Robinson