Daniel P. Everbeck “Dan”
24 Years Old

July 17, 1982 to June 2, 2007

Dan was born in Boston, Massachusetts on July 17, 1982. He grew up in North Reading, Massachusetts and is the beloved son of Gary and Bonnie (Bonitz) Everbeck, and the younger brother of Adam Everbeck. He is the proud uncle of Madison Lee and now also the uncle of Danny, born almost eight months after his death. Dan also has a loving grandmother, Beverly Everbeck, and numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.
Growing up Dan was a great kid and had many friends. He loved all sports and played baseball, basketball, and soccer on the town teams as well as with his friends. He also loved to play street hockey and ice hockey. He played catch, wiffle ball, outs, and badminton with Mom and Dad in the yard. He loved television and was quite the couch potato at times. He would watch all kinds of sports. Among his favorite shows were The Family Guy and Friends. He loved watching Monday Night Wrestling with his Dad. He enjoyed board games, especially Trouble, and preferred winning!
Dan was quite the cook and made a great lasagna. He loved to eat just about anything and would eat constantly, yet was thin and in good shape. He liked to work out with weights. Around the house he would mow the lawn and shovel snow to help out.
Dan was about 14 when he fell out of a tree and broke his wrist. Unbeknownst to us, the fall also destroyed the round joints in his jaw which allowed the jaw to open, close, and chew. During this time Dan was in a lot of pain as it hurt to open his jaw. It also was difficult for him to eat. The injury affected his appearance, and therefore his self confidence, as his jaw did not grow forward as he matured. It took years to find the proper medical help to diagnose the problem and to implement treatment which culminated with a 10 hour surgery to replace the joints, and move his jaw forward into the proper position. Dan had just turned 21 when he had the surgery. During these 7 years, because of the pain, Dan began to self-medicate. His drug use turned into an addiction. He had the utmost determination to kick the habit and tried many times to beat it. He went to drug treatment programs, both residential and out-patient. He found success at a program in Norton, Mass, then returned to a place closer to home. He found that being close to home was not a good idea and that he needed to get away from his “friends.”
Dan decided to move in with his uncle in Omaha, Nebraska. There he found a job in a convenience store, got a car, and made some wonderful friends. He found success and gained confidence. Through networking at the convenience store, Bucky’s, he had recently started a new job doing what he had done in Massachusetts which was working for a company that painted lines in parking lots. He was also networking to get on with the state doing line stripping.


On June 2, 2007 Dan was talking on a payphone at a gas station/convenience store in Omaha unaware he was being stalked and cased by 2 convicted felons, Dwight Tucker and his cousin, Jerry Valentine, who had parked at the gas pumps. They were behind Dan who was using the phone attached to the outside of the store. When Dan got off the phone he was trapped by his car in front of him, the store behind him, and a felon on either side. Dan was shot during the attempted robbery and left for dead. Dan was strong enough to stay alive until found by the police 10 minutes later. His description of the shooter enabled the police to catch the killer, Dwight Tucker, two blocks from the scene. Tragically, Dan died during surgery.

At the trial, Tucker, a felon convicted of burglary on parole for 32 days at the time of the killing testified, “I didn’t know the gun was loaded, it was an accident, he pushed me.” All of the stalking, and 11 of the 12 seconds of the confrontation was captured by the stores surveillance cameras except the last second, the actual shooting. The judge, Judge Polk, gave the killer the benefit of the doubt and charged him with manslaughter, a felon in possession of a weapon, and use of a weapon to commit a felony. Total possible sentence was 90 years. He received 34 years and will be eligible for parole in less than 17 years. The cousin has not been charged. All of Dan’s family and friends will forever mourn, without the possibility of parole.




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Daniel Everbeck