Courtney Megan Coco
19 Years Old

March 30, 1985 to October 4, 2004

Courtney Megan Coco was born on March 30, 1985 in Alexandria, Louisiana. She was the baby girl of 3 girls. She was very protected by her older sisters, Lace, then 7 yrs. and Heather, then 6 yrs. She was a very happy child and very smart. She had a way to get her way! She started playing baseball at the age of 5, being the only girl on the team. She continued to play baseball and softball into her high school years. She was very good at it, and tough for 110 lbs. In her sophomore year, she became a cheerleader. She was the best on the squad! She wanted to start a program when she got older to teach young girls cheerleading, that could not afford it for free. She was always helping others in school and taking up for any that were picked on. She graduated in 2003 with very good grades. She went on to college at Northwestern State University in Nachitoches, LA. She was majoring in criminal investigations. She was very independent. At the age of 19, she had her own house, car, and a job at a dental office. She was a very determined person and always went after whatever it was she wanted! Always smiling and helping others along the way!!!


On October 1, 2004, at the age of 19, Courtney invited some friends over to her house for a domino game. This was the last time anyone ever saw her. Her body was found 3 days later, dumped in an abandoned building, 60 miles south of Houston, Texas. She had been suffocated. Her body had been in the trunk of her own car, which was found 10 days later in Houston, Texas. The police determined the people, who were driving her stolen car, were not involved in her murder. Her cell phone also was stolen and used by the killer and was later found in Houston, TX in a juvenile boy’s possession. He said he bought the phone from an unknown person. Still to this day I do not know how my daughter died, where she died, when she died or who killed her. Her case is a cold case and our prayers are that someone will come forward and confess or be caught and pay for what they did. We need to give Courtney the justice that she deserves!!!

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Courtney Megan Coco