Corina Beth Barry
9 Years Old

August 28, 1980 to August 23, 2010

My daughter passed away on August 23, 2010, in Omaha, Nebraska. Her name is Corina Beth Barry. She was 29 years old and we buried her on August 28, 2010, on her 30th birthday.
Corina was a beautiful, sweet soul with a very kind heart. She had many friends and worked at an insurance company where she was promoted twice after only being there six years. She graduated from high school and moved out on her own at 19. Bought her first car on her own and built up her credit to an extremely high and perfect standing. She was a perfectionist and kept her home and appearance in immaculate shape. She prided herself on keeping her first home in which she was buying on her own in perfect cleanliness and tidiness. She loved spending time with her friends and family.
She worked out at a local gym every day after work and enjoyed reading and watching cooking and home decorative shows on TV. After giving 9 years of her life to a very selfish boyfriend, she decided she wanted more from life and wanted to move on without him and find a happier life where she could someday be married and have children, which were things he did not want.

She was our angel here on earth and is now the Lords angel in Heaven. She had the most beautiful blue eyes you have ever seen. We miss her terribly and sometimes cannot believe this is all real. She deserved to be happy and have a full life and that was taken from her.



On August 22, 2010 in Omaha, Nebraska, at approximately 10:15 pm, my daughter was shot twice in the head by her live-in boyfriend, Carlos Johnson. He then shot himself in the head and they are both deceased. The detectives found both their bodies in her home at 11:00 am on August 23, 2010, where they were both pronounced deceased. Corina gave 9 years of her life to a very selfish man who didn’t want to live without her. So he took both their lives. I pray to understand why he couldn’t have spared my daughter who deserved better than this.


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Corina Beth Barry