Christopher Michael Spivey (Chris)
22 Years Old

May 19, 1972 to March 14, 1995

Christopher Michael Spivey was born in Landstuhl, Germany and raised in both Wichita, Kansas and Chesapeake, Virginia. He attended Wichita H.S. West for a time, but he graduated from Deep Creek H.S. in Virginia. He worked at McDonalds during high school. After high school, he joined the Marines, graduating from boot camp at Paris Island, S.C. where he came close to being shipped overseas to Somalia bur fortunately , his unit did not have to go.

After leaving the marines, he moved home to Wichita, KS and was in the management training program at McDonalds. He had recently moved into his first apartment of his own where we had a really fun housewarming party for him. He really liked the basket of canned goods that everyone brought to stock his kitchen, except for the fact that we took the labels off of all the cans. He had a blast over the next few weeks opening up his surprise food!

Chris was a very outgoing person. He loved speed-skating, soccer, and wrestling. He was a big Star-Wars and Miami Vice fan too. He had a tendency to tell on himself whenever he did anything wrong, but without meaning to. That was one of his most endearing traits. He also liked to find out how things work. To do this, he would take things apart—watches, radios, etc. Funny thing though—he could never get them put back together. I can’t begin to guess how many watches he went through.

He was a good-looking young man, and very popular with the girls. As early as grade school little girls would call the house or come by to see him. He had a lot of friends, and was easy to like.

One particularly funny story happened Christmas 1994, three months before he was murdered. Chris has a very large, blended family. Lots of step-everything’s!! As he made the rounds to visit everyone for Christmas, he must have eaten Christmas Dinner about five times. I remember him saying he had never eaten so much in his whole life. He laughed about that for days.

Some of his new neighbors told the police that he was a “loner”. This was about as far from the truth about him. They simply hadn’t had the opportunity to get to know this sweet boy who was their new neighbor. He had just recently moved in, and I’m sure his evening working hours attributed to that thought as well. All you had to do is take one look at the church during his funeral to see this wasn’t the case. It was full to overflowing. Chris is dearly missed by both family and friends. He was a very bright spot in the lives of many far and near.


Christopher Michael Spivey was murdered March 14, 1995 in Wichita, Kansas. He had recently returned home from the marines and was in the management training program at McDonalds, working evenings. He had recently moved into his first apartment on his own which was only a few blocks from work.

On this particular day, he didn’t show up for his shift which was entirely out of character for him. In fact, he usually went in early so he could visit with his co-workers a bit before having to start work.

The store manager became concerned after a little while and sent a couple of his co-workers to check on him. When they got there, they found the door open and Chris was lying draped across his bed, covered in blood.

He suffered a gunshot wound to the throat and had been severely beaten. Marks on his hands indicate that he fought back and fought hard. There was no forced entry and no weapon was ever found. There was some evidence he had been burglarized. Police believe as many as three people were involved in this horrible crime.

As of 2007, Christopher’s case remains unsolved. Efforts to obtain justice for Chris are ongoing, but are having little success.

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Christopher Spivey