Christopher Alan Bartlett (Chris)
40 Years Old

April 27, 1966 to August 12, 2006

Our son was a very loving, caring and giving person. He had a wonderful sense of humor. He would call his niece, Chelsea and make his voice sound like Popeye. Chris loved his family, the children and especially his niece, Chelsea and nephew, Zachary. When children were around, you would always see Chris on the floor with them playing some game. Chris was always genuinely interested in how they were doing. He related to children of all ages, and enjoyed taking them to Chuck E. Cheese. He was a good cook, in the kitchen or on the grill outside and enjoyed company for cookouts. He loved to fish, and really enjoyed going to FT. A.P. Hill cabin by the lake and Catching bass. Chris played football and basketball during his school years And loved both sports. Chris was a devoted Pittsburgh Steeler fan. He worked for Montgomery Doors and was one of their best workers. He received numerous letters of appreciation from their customers as well as the Company.

Chris married his wife Kitty three years prior to his death. Kitty’s son attacked our son three times prior to murdering him. The third time our son placed a legal restraining order against his wife’s son. About two months prior to his death, our son took his stepson into his home, as he was homeless. Chris was the type of person that did not like to see anyone hurting and was never confrontational. We asked our son what he was thinking when he made this decision. Our son told my wife and me that we had taught him to forgive and that was what he was doing by giving him a place to stay.


On August 12, 2006, around 9:45 PM, Jared Walden, Chris’s wife’s son attacked our son with a kitchen knife and stabbed our son in the back as well as other places on his body to include his neck and face. Jared Walden is still in jail and his (Jury Trial) is scheduled for October 10th, 2007.

Chris was the light & joy of our lives and we miss him dearly.

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Chris Bartlett